Loopy Advertising Hosts Beauty and Wellness Meet and Greet

by - October 11, 2019

Loopy Advertising, a pocket advertising and PR agency that offers a multi-channel marketing strategy, recently hold a Beauty and Wellness Meet and Greet with the media and brought together Beauty and Wellness Brands in a one-of-a-kind event,  wherein they interact with each other and gain connection and engagement to achieve a breakthrough in terms of influencing a large audience in the Philippines.

The first Loopy Beauty and Wellness Event happened last October 3, 2019, at Oddspace located at the 7/F Finman Centre 131 Tordesillas St. Salcedo Village Makati City. During the meet and greet, Loopy Advertising Owners emphasized that, “Our goal is for the brands to personally meet and introduce their products and services to media for future collaboration, this will be a quarterly event from different industries,”

And as an indispensable partner for any business that aims to increase visibility and ultimately, capture market share, Loopy presented, during the meet and greet, the brands like Facial Plus by Bioessence, Luminisce, Sun Smart, Age Defying Solutions, The Skin Bureau, Victoria Skin, and L’aroma Home Fragrances where they were given the chance to speak and talk about different topics that caters the needs of their target market and educate the media about the up-to-date trends on the beauty community.

Nine brands namely Age Defying Solutions, Victoria Skin Philosophy, Facial Plus by Bioessence, Natural Extract, Sun Smart, The Skin Bureau, L’aroma Home Fragrances, Anytime Fitness and Luminisce talked about the latest with their products.

Among my favorite is the L’aroma Home Fragrances. These days I find myself wanting to be surrounded by smells that calms and spread joy in my room. Imagining your room as a spa is possible with L’aroma Home Fragrances.

Derived from the French word "L'Arome" which means "the scent" Laroma Philippines aims to add fragrance to complete the interior of each household in the Philippines. The owner Lea Tiano Bongco has always been interested with scent. Three years ago, she was introduced to the power of Essential Oils and since then she blended on her own for personal consumption. Llittle by little, her friends asked her to blend for them and then encouraged her to come up with her own business. On 2018, they officially launched L’arôma Home Fragrance.

Currently, L’arôma Home Fragrance has three products available on the market- the Room Spray, the Reed Difusser and the Oil Burner. You can find them thru social media at:

Age Defying Solutions

AGE DEFYING SOLUTIONS PHILIPPINES CORPORATION provides excellent and breakthrough beauty and wellness products for the Filipino community both here and abroad. They initially carries its brainchild, Glupa, a breakthrough antioxidant, anti-aging and beauty-enhancement product line and has unique skin whitening solution

Victoria Skin Philosophy

Victoria Skin is a haven for holistic wellness and beauty which is designed to help women and men address top concerns in their continuous pursuit of beauty and wellness. Among the treatments they give are Revlite, PicoSure, Thermage Skin Tightening, and Ulthera.

Facial Plus by Bioessence

Bioessence gave birth to FACIAL PLUS and wanted to be known as the best acne center that provides quality facial treatments at an economical price. Since the Facial Plus focus on providing essential beauty treatment and skin solutions to both men and women at an affordable price.

Natural Extract

Natural Extract is a variety of beauty products from hair growers down to skincare that provides the best and most effective results in the Philippine Market. The brand ensures to provide high-quality products which they manually extract from fruits and plants, Natural Extract started its way to the market and become competitive with constant learning and joining short courses to make their products even better.

Natural Extract's best selling product is their Intense Hair Grower Set which comes with 4 different products such as the Intense Hair Growth Serum, Intense Hair Growth Spray and the Aloe Vera Shampoo and Conditioner

Sun Smart

In the field of renewable energy , SUNSMART Solar Power Technology Inc. provides Integrated, Portable, Stylish,  Powerful and Modular solar power systems where access to renewable energy supply is made possible ANYTIME and ANYWHERE

The Skin Bureau

The Skin Bureau products ranges from soaps to supplements, that does not only correct skin imperfections, but also solve skin problems as they are infused with rich vitamins for a healthier-looking supple skin that is specially formulated to be gentle yet effective.

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness has been providing convenient gyms with friendly staff who helps the Filipino community to break the barriers to a healthy lifestyle since 2014. With 24/7 access to thousands of the clubs around the globe, Anytime make fitness easy by making Anytime Fitness members to workout in their own terms and in their own time. Currently, they have 4,000 gyms across the globe. While in the Philippines, they have 113 operating gyms and still expanding.


Luminisce, the world-class boutique dermatology clinic, brings the first ever PICOPLUSTM platform in the country. The latest in skin laser technology, PICOPLUSTM is the latest in skin laser technology that introduces a faster, better, and safer way to remove scars, tattoos, acne marks, and even melasma. It sets itself apart from traditional lasers as it can deliver energy in a fraction of a second! This speed allows fewer treatments with less downtime.

About Loopy Advertising

Loopy Advertising is a pocket advertising and PR agency that offers a multi-channel marketing strategy. With the winning combination of reach for both offline and online expertise of Managing Partners Rose Salamat - Arias and Bing Viray-Ramillano, they have made Loopy Advertising an indispensable partner for any business that aims to increase visibility and ultimately, capture market share.

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