Pedal to the Medal with Xyclone Bicycles

by - September 30, 2019

Nowadays riding bikes is becoming a passion for many health conscious Filipinos. Not only an activity to boost one’s health and fitness, cycling/biking helps you explore your surrounding in a new adventurous ways while helping the environment at the same time. Its many benefits is efficient, effective and economic.

So how do you choose which bike to use? Well it all depends whether you’re a newbie, an enthusiast, leisure biker or simply a thrill seeker who loves joining run and bike or triathlon.

At Xyclone Bicycles, choosing a bike isn’t hard. Since 1999, Xyclone has been providing the country with durable and well-engineered bicycles and ensuring customers with quality and original parts. Moreover, Xyclone provides quality ready built bicycles at affordable prices to equally quality built companies from medium and small scale retailers to conglomerate companies.

Xyclone Bicycles includes Mountain Bikes, Folding Bikes, City Bikes, BMX Bikes, Fat Bikes, and yes, even Kids Bikes.  

Even after 20 years,  Xyclone continues to provide high standard full bikes and parts to the public.

Pedal to the Medal with Xyclone Bicycles

Xyclone believe in this adage, don’t limit your challenge, challenge your limits.Recently, the 2019 Iron Kids was staged. Its gold medalist pedal to the medal with a Xyclone Mantis MTB20"

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