Millennials Alert: Top 5 Benefits in Using UnionBank’s PlayEveryday Gamified Rewards Program

by - August 04, 2019

Teaching millennials on their finances can be e challenge. So what better way to ease into this then by gamifying the program since these millennials love to play games.

Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) PlayEveryday is the FIRST and ONLY gamified rewards program in the country. Plus. this rewards program utilizes blockchain technology - another testament to the bank's digital banking expertise.

PlayEveryday offers both debit end credit card variants that are VISA enabled to cater to different spending habits. The card is fully powered by the UnionBank Online mobile app where customers can en|oy the following benefits:

Easy Account Opening

To elevate the experience, PlayEveryday can be opened anytime, anywhere through UnionBank's online application forms. The debit card variant can even be opened instantly through the digital account opening process embedded in the UnionBank Online mobile app. allowing customer to use the account immediately upon application.

Personalized and Gamified

UnionBank also created avatars representing different interests such as GuyPro (for the adventurous ones inspired by the GoPro camera), JohnSport (for the sporty ones inspired by the Jansport merchandise). and Shopahochic (for the shopaholics). Just like in in game, customers can choose their avatar that best suits their personality and create their alias for their PlayEverday profile.

Play Points

PlayEveryday is one of the few points earning debit cards in the marke.t To take it a notch higher, UnionBank rewards the customer with points not just when they spend. but also when they save in their account and accomplish certain activities or missions, so that #adulting can be made fun.


Customers can rack up points and earn badges for their profiles. They can rise up the ranks in the PiayEveryday leaderboards - from a Rookie to an All Star, and ultimately to a Hall of Famer!

Instant Rewards Redemption

Unlike the regular redemption process of filling out a form, submitting it and waiting for 3~5 banking days, the rewards redemption for PlayEveryday can be done online and real time. Customers can select from a catalogue of over 200 rewards items and add to cart just like online shopping then receive the reward vouchers instantly  - all via UnionBank Onllne.

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