Maine Mendoza Shares Tips on Self-Love, Renews Contract with BETADINE® Fresh Bliss®

by - August 02, 2019

It was last year when Phenomenal Star Maine Mendoza unburdened what’s inside her heart. Her revelation was felt by her fans and are one with her and cheering her on her expression of self-love. But it seemed many does not agree with her and was bashed for it. Nevertheless, Maine was able to withstand it and came out refreshed. In this day and age, self-love and self-care have become so cliche that we would often hear the terms across all media platforms. One good thing that came out with Maine’s confession is that she comes in with a refreshing outlook on life now that she's hit the restart button.

Last August 1, 2019, in a press event held at the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery, Maine Mendoza emphasized the importance of loving oneself as she renewed her contract with Mundiphanne for BETADINE® Fresh Bliss®

With the theme Maine: Refreshed, the Phenomenal Star opened up to the media and gamely answered questions thrown her way - personal thoughts on self-love and self-care, her career and her joy in renewing the contract being the brand ambassador of BETADINE® Fresh Bliss® for the third year.  

Her thoughts on self-love, she said that, “We always say that we can only give what we have. and I guess this is the same with love. if only we learn to love ourselves more, only then will we be able to experience true confidence. It is amazing when we start to love ourselves more each day we feel contentment and inexplicable joy and it starts with making the right decisions for ourselves."

Despite rumors and being judged unfairly throughout her career, Maine remained the same: radiant, humble, and ever-glowing. Imparting some of her self-love insights, Maine continues to inspire Filipinas to love themselves even more by sharing these tips:

Learn to take work-life balance seriously.

Despite her busy schedule, Maine always finds a way to pamper herself and spend time with her family. She does not forget what’s important: a healthy work-life balance where she can unwind and have enough time to sleep, rest, and eat!

Let life happen.

Not wasting time stressing over things that are beyond control is something Maine has learned throughout her career. In order to love herself more, Maine focused on letting life happen and moving forward with it, which turned out great for her. As she said on her blog entry, “The world is big; there are so many things to do, so many places to go and so many people to meet... Life is short! Let us be happy!"

Step out of your comfort zone. 

Growing up. Maine had low seIf-esteem. She did not expect that she'll be famous after uploading her Dubsmash videos way back in 2015, much more becoming one hatf of the hit-tandem, AlDub, with Alden Richards. Everything she did was new to her and it wouldn't be possible if she did not step out of her comfort zone. “It has been a liberating experience for me, and though somewhat intimidating and scary at first. having the courage to do things out of the box has led me to overcome my fears and certainly embrace my achievements no matter how small or big they may be," Maine exclaimed.

Always choose what is right and what makes you happy.

Maine has been through things every actor has experienced, including judgement. A lot of people questioned her decisions in temporarily quitting her noontime show and giving up the AlDub tandem but for her, self-love means being able to choose what is right for you even if it would mean fighting for it alone.

Prioritize your well-being through good personal hygiene.

Part of loving oneself is taking care of your well-being, and this includes your personal hygiene. Grooming yourself with love will eventually make you feel like the beautiful person that you are. "I am a firm believer that one way to love yourself is choosing the right products for you. Investing in your personal hygiene is important as it would make you feel blissfully good about yourself and refreshed all throughout the day. This is why I have chosen BETADlNE® Fresh Bliss® as my go-to partner when it comes to keeping myself clean and fresh all the time.” Maine closed.

BETADlNE® Fresh Bliss® Daily Feminine Wash is designed exclusively for your daily feminine hygiene needs. Stay clean, fresh, and protected with its three new variants, Odor Control Witch Hazel, Refreshing Lemon Verbena, and Moisturizing Calendula which is Maine’s favorite among the three.

With its unique Tri-Care+TM formulation, you will surely get your daily dose of protection from unwanted symptoms associated with pH imbalance. BETADlNE® Fresh Bliss® is hypoallergenic, Paraben-free, clinically proven and tested and is available in 60ml, 150ml. and 250ml bottles.

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