Top 7 Reasons Why We’re Loving Shaburi Kintan

by - July 15, 2019

The Filipinos love for Japanese food have evolved over the years, it has become one of our comfort food. What is amazing is that we needn’t travel to Japan anymore to enjoy authentic Japanese food because top brand like UCC Philippines is bringing them closer to home. Talk about being privileged!

This July, Shaburi Kintan, a casual dining restaurant specializing in Japanese dining concept of shabu-shabu and yakiniku is now ready to serve and satisfy the Pinoyscravings for authentic Japanese comfort food. It is located at Japan Town in Glorietta’s Top of the Glo.

During the media gathering held days ago where Mr. Hubert Young, the chief executive officer of UCC Philippines is present, he said that the arrival of Shaburi Kintan, “The idea is to bring together two of the best concepts in Japanese dining -- shabu-shabu and yakiniku -- in one luxurious buffet setting but wait there’s more… in a very affordable prices.

Here are 7 reasons why we are loving Shaburi Kintan:

Shaburi Kintan offers 50 sumptuous selections of Japanese dishes at great value for your money.

You can enjoy a healthy and delicious feast with your choice of meat (include quality chicken, pork, and beef cuts), seafood, and vegetables.

For the kintan buffet, you have four amazing options: the Regular Buffet, Kintan Buffet, Premium Kintan Buffet, and Special Wagyu Buffet. Each offers fresh and delectable meats that you can grill just the way you want it. You can then choose your type of rice, the is highly recommended.

For the shabu-shabu buffet, you can have the Regular Shabu, Special Shabu, Shaburi Wagyu, or Special Wagyu where you have a pick from  along with equally healthy and scrumptious broth with their shabu-shabu. six tasty soup varieties. You can likewise opt for two soup choices as they are available in both single and twin pots

The Shaburi Kintan staff who are always on hand with their recommendations. One recommendation is to include the Beef Pepper for your meat dishes.  Having any of the Original Konbu, Sukiyaki and Chicken Collagen Paitan are also highly recommended!

Shaburi Kintan also offers fine selections of Kintan Karubi, Rosu, Dice Tender, Gyu Tan, Nakaochi, Harami, Shimofuri Steak, Atsu Tongue, Wagyu Karubi, and Wagyu Steak in various flavors. You can order them along with choices from the main menu.

Unlimited drinks.

So what are you waiting for, visit the newly opened Shaburi Kintan at the 4TH Floor Japan Town, Top of the Glo, Glorietta 2 Ayala Center, Makati City.

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