Congressman Teodorico “Nonong” T. Haresco Reiterates Plans for His People after Election Win

by - July 20, 2019

Now that election is over and the people has spoken, choosing the right person to represent them in the Senate and Congress, the time is now for real work.

Last June 18, 2019, a media gathering was held at Dad’s West Avenue, Quezon City for the newly elected Congressman Teodorico “Nonong” T. Haresco, who for the third consecutive time was voted by the  Aklanons to represent the lone district of Aklan at the Congress. It was also a Thanksgiving Party of sort as he thanked the people who have supported him during the election. He also presented his agenda for his people and to the rest of his countrymen

Ever the humble congressman, Rep. Haresco was grateful to everyone and reiterates his four-point programs to help his kababayans. Having authored and co-authored 60 house measures in the past, he said that he will continue his work and will focus on education, livelihood progrmas, health and of course his most loved micro-enterprise industry.

Aligning himself with the majority Rep. Haresco sought to continue create new bills in line with the government main thrust thus creating opportunity to many and ensuring the quality of service and public service he is known for.

A believer of his many projects, I wish Rep. Haresco all the best and that he will not only help the people from Aklan but also the majority of Filipinos. We will continue to pray for his good health and will be supporting him in all his endeavors.

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