3 Reasons Why You Should Love Tim Hortons TIMDESAL

by - June 11, 2019

Pandesal has always been a breakfast staple in many Filipinos table. After all, you cannot go wrong serving this sweetc, soft and fluffy bread to start your day right.

As the country celebrates Independence Day on June 12, Tim Hortons gives recognition to the famous bread by introducing the TIMDESAL. The limited edition breakfast sandwich will be available in all Tim Hortons branches from June 11 until end June 2019. 

”As our way of recognizing the significance of Independence Day, we at Tim Hortons wish te offer this breakfast favorite, reminiscent of its Filipino homey taste,” said Stephanie Guerrero marketing director 
for Tim Hortons PH.

Here's three reasons why Tim  Hortons TIMDESAL is your best breakfast bet:

The panini-pressed pandesal includes smokey Bacon with cheese and garlic aioli served with chipotle sauce.

It is best paired with the signature Tim Hortons Iced Coffee or brewed coffee, espresso, or its newest offerings, the Milk Tea. 

The warm Timdesal can be customized according to your want and taste! You can add egg, more cheese or top it with lettuce or tomato for a healthier breakfast.

SRP is PhP 75.

Trivia (Did You Know?) 

The Declaration of Philippine Independence from Spanish rule was declared by General Emilio Aguinaldo on June 12, 1898 at Kawit, Cavite. 

Pandesal, or “bread of salt,” which was introduced in the 16‘” century, is relatively sweet, and is unofficially the Philippine national bread. 

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