Get to Know Sophia Bianca, Filipina International Recording Artist Releases Debut Single

by - June 18, 2019

It was one hot friday afternoon when I arrived at Pookaberry Cafe in QC. I heard so much good things about this place but I have one agenda that afternoon, to witness the release of the debut single of Sophia Bianca,  the newest Pinoy singing sensation who brought pride in our country when she won the World Championship of Performing Arts last 2018 in Long Beach, California.

World Championship of Performing Arts or WCOPA is the only international performing arts talent competition and educational experience of its kind held annually in Hollywood. Imagine being pitted against talented performers from 49 other countries.

A music was playing in the background when I was inside Pookaberry and I thought that a foreign artist was singing that song, only when I heard some.of the lines like In loves Eyes did I realized that it was Sophia's debut single. Awesome. 

To quote Lea Salonga, "most Filipinos can sing. But not everyone can sing exceptionally well..." and I believe that this apply to Sophia Bianca whose singing voice is cut above the rest.

Still a little bit shy when she was finally introduced to us, this lovely girl who would rather have an album launch than spend a grand 18th birthday, debuted her new single  "In Loves Eyes" on the eve of her debut. A debut for her debut. Nice, isn't she?

As she sing, the shy lady turned into "halimaw" when she belted out her song. Her voice is indeed exceptionally well and something special. I cannot wait to see more of her in international stage and bring more honor to our country.

Why don't we get to know more about Sophia Bianca:

Born Sophia Bianca de Vera, her parents are both lawyers. According to her parents, Sophia has been singing even before she could speak.

She used to be a vocalist of DLSZ RAK and a member of a band.

She loves to paint.

She also played volleyball.

She is one of the ambassadors of Voice Camp Philippines.

At the WCOPA, Sophia joins in the five category-R&B, country, rock, gospel and pop. She bagged the silver medals in country and pop. And came out the grand champion for the Senior Voice.

Before she turned 18 last June 15, Sophia opted to launching her debut single than to have a debut.

Her first single is enttiled in "In Loves Eyes" composed by Grammy awardee, Gerard McMann.

Her voice is said to be that of Arianna Grande meets Christina Aguilera.

She is an ardent fan of Alicia Keys.

These are only few of the sweet things about Sophia. Get to love her more as you listened to her first single "In Loves Eyes." It is now available on Spotify and iTunes 

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