Casa Reyes Bistro Filipino: At last, a restaurant where all food is Superb

by - June 12, 2019

Most of the time we take for granted Filipino cuisine since we can find it in most restaurant in the city. But did you know that there’s this place in the middle of Greenhills that proffers the culinary delights with its delicious take on some of the best Pinoy classic food timelessly served at every Pinoy home?

Proudly serving only the best and the most appetizing cuisines, Casa Reyes Bistro Filipino in Promenade Mall is redefining the standards of everything we know about Filipino food.

Days ago, me and my friends get to try out the food at Casa Reyes Bistro Filipino. As I entered Casa Reyes, I was immediately impressed (the façade is already impressive) with its bright interiors, old wooden furniture where some have the classic Singer sewing machine base. What I totally love are the posters and decors from old Filipino komiks and newspaper clippings of a by-gone era that literally covered the entire walls. What I didn’t know was that there will be other things that will impress me more, one that will make me a Casa Reyes converts for all time.

We were warmly welcomed by the staff and the beautiful owner Ms. Christine Dayco who tells us all about Casa Reyes, its two branches that are just within distance and how the menu changes from quarter to quarter. I still find it funny that we did the interview after partaking of the most delicious lunch EVER!

With all the confusion brought about by seeing the flavorsome feast before us, compelling us to eat immediately which for me is the best part.

I started off with the Wagyu Bulalo. You know that widely Pinoy saying “sabaw pa lang ulam na” fit this dish really well. Later, I will find out that this saying applies to all the dishes served to us.

Next up was the Tinapa at Kesong Puti Lumpia with Mango Salsa. Wrapped in thin dumpling wrapper, it is made more savory with the Mango Salsa.

The Bagnet Laing Combo is a combination of two popular Filipino dish. Served with hot rice you will only realize that you have consumed the kaldero-filled rice a little bit too late.

Another must-try is the Wagyu Mechado. This is a totally genius dish mixing the melt-in-the-mouth Wagyu in mechado sauce.

Oh, and before I forget, the Butter Garlic Shrimps with Creamy Aligue Sauce is too die for! Good thing I have my allergy meds with me because who can resist those shrimps you wish were swimming more in Aligue sauce. So sinful.

The Crispy Dinuguan and Pinakbet Rice with Bagnet is an example of how Casa Reyes put a twist in this classic Pinoy dish and making it richer and delectable.

There are other must try dishes especially if you love meat like the Sriracha Tomahawk BBQ Chops and the Angus Rib Eye Steak with Truffle Butter.

Sriracha Tomahawk BBQ Chops

With all the sumptuous food we consumed, we paired it with Casa Reyes delicious drinks.

As always for the best part, the dessert is the exciting one. My friend already warned me how delicious the Salted Egg Bibingka Cheesecake and it sure is. If you love Bibingka and Cheesecake then you will be happy to know that this most sublime dessert in the world is at Casa Reyes Bistro Filipino.

This is the first time that all the food served to us were all superb and I’m telling you, you owe it to yourself, your family or friends to visit Casa Reyes Bistro Filipino if you really love GOOD FOOD.


SUN 10AM-10PM  

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