Treat your mom to a feast via Send-A-Shakey's!

by - May 09, 2019

A few days from now we will once again honor the most important person in our lives as we celebrate them through Mother’s Day. Although Mother’s Day is an everyday celebration, still this one day out of the 365 days is a very important one.

We celebrate the super wo-Mom in our lives, she who carried us in her womb, gave birth to us after nine months, played with us, fought with us and raised us to be the best version of ourselves. That’s why every year on the second Sunday of May, we honor and say thank you to that super wo-Mom whose unconditional love we can’t even fathom and whose strength is totally undeniable. 

So do you already have plans this coming Sunday? What are your plans to surprise Mom this year besides the traditional flowers and cakes? Did you know that our favorite Shakey’s Pizza have some very good surprise for all Moms out there?

For the very first time, they’ve been planning this treat for some time now, and they will start this Mother’s Day, you can surprise a very special person in your life, whether you’re at home or living and working abroad, with her Shakey’s favorites through Send-A-Shakey’s this Mother’s Day?

Official Shakeys
Great, isn’t it? All you have to do is visit www.shakeyspizza, click Send-A-Shakey’s, choose your orders and then checkout conveniently and pay online. You can also include messages of love under Special lnstructions. 

You can send that surprise now or order in advance for Mother’s Day through Send A Shakey’sl Just indicate delivery date, time and your Mom’s delivery address. This will save you time and effort from the hassle of last minute arrangements. That’s convenience in just a few clicks!

So ready to shake up the surprise for your super wo-Mom? Visit now and plan an unexpected, easy and convenient way of honoring your Mom through Send-A-Shakey’s!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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