SM Aura Premier: Art in Aura Presents “Heartfelt” in celebration of Mothers’ Day

by - May 14, 2019

As most part in the world celebrates Mothers’ Day last May 12, 2019, SM Aura Premier holds an exhibit fitting for the most important person in our life. Entitled “Heartfelt,” a total of fifteen (15) artists showcased their art in honor of motherhood in an exhibit that explore the beauty, strength, and quiet resilience that is inherent in the art of mothering and motherhood.

The exhibit formally opened with a reception last Sunday at the Upper Ground Floor Atrium, SM Aura Premier, Taguig and hosted by the Galerie Raphael.

The works of National Artist Federico Aguilar Alcuaz, Juvenal Sansé, Dominic Rubio, Ombok Villamor,Toym Imao, Marge Organo, Aljo Pingol, Caress Banson, Benjie Mallari, ]ovan Benito, Marco Coching, Felix Tiglao, Joseph Albao, Nap Limaten, and Randy Roa aspire to make viewers feel the complexity of motherhood, including a mother’s vulnerability and her innate strength, a person who nurtures; the same way as artists nurture the audience’s imaginations.

Each works delves deeper into the experiences, more than the socially-imposed images, of the celebrated mother. Responding to the commemoration of these women, the participating artists interpreted the contours and edges of motherhood into a visual experience; which is intended to remind the audience of the complex energies at play, energies of these special females that are life-altering in many ways.

Moreover, “Heartfelt" investigates the shifting re-interpretations of motherhood as subject matter in the world of art. This exhibit identifies the historical models of motherhood, the role of feminism, and gender discourse and its shifting notions. This is examined in relation to complex hierarchies regarding the domestic and professional sphere.

“Heartfelt" exhibit will run from May 11 – 20, 2019.

For inquiries, contact Galerie Raphael at (+63) 8 115 3453942 or (+63) 2 8563034 or email galerieraphael@yahoo. com

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