No Gadgets, just pure FUN at SM City Marikina's UNPLUGGED and PLAY!

by - May 24, 2019

Kids nowadays are so into their gadgets that they forget the concept of play. The only play they know is the button in their gadget for games and watching videos.

It's a good thing SM Supermalls had an advocacy thru its Everyday is Playday Campaign which aims to change the way children spend a meaningful childhood away from the influence of technological innovations. Afterall, you only get to be a child once.

Last May 18, 2019, SM City Marikina transformed its malls outdoor parking and turned it into one giant playground where kids are encouraged to play and have fun the way kids should have fun. No gadgets, just pure fun!

UNPLUGGED and PLAY Summer Family Activity is one of the exciting events of SM Supermalls  promoting family bonding without any distractions in an outdoor summer playground without any gadgets but just pure play and fun activities.

During the UNPLUGGED and PLAY, my nephews get to try rapelling, survive the long lines of Extra Sticky Wall, got unlimited access at the Giant Obstacle Course and never wanted to keave the Plus Size Boxing inflatable.

They also had fun watching other activities such as the Auntie Anne's eating contest and when Jollibee made an appearance, they beelined along with other kids to get a picture and hug Jollibee.

It was indeed a fun afternoon and they never felt the heat of the sun as they played for hours (it felt like hours and hours!) It was nice seeing their huge smiles but they wanted to go back again, too bad the UNPLUGGED and PLAY is just a one-day activity at SM City Marikina.

What a day of play and fun with UNPLUGGED and PLAY Summer Family at SM City Marikina.

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