Performance vs. Safety Parts for Your Honda Gold Wing

by - April 11, 2019

The Honda Gold Wing is a series of touring motorcycles manufactured by Honda. It is probably the best-known bike in all of motorcycling, a machine that single-handedly defines what a touring bike should be.  It’s also the best touring bike in the world, so good it is that it is the benchmark for the entire category, the standard by which all other touring motorcycles are judged!

But as amazing as the Honda Gold Wing is, there are plenty of ways you can make it an even better machine with enhanced safety features that make your long ride even more comfortable.  When you hit the road for miles after miles, being comfortable and safe are key over performance.

1.  High-Mileage Touring Tires

While Gold Wing riders burn through a lot of miles and need ultra-long-lasting tires, the specialists at BikeBandit do not recommend the unusual old-school mod of installing a car tire on the rear in place of motorcycle tire as the handling will be adversely affected. has the best Gold Wing motorcycle tires for sale at affordable prices for you to choose from.

Pirelli Sport Demon Motorcycle Tire/

2.  Touring Windshield

With all those miles you’ll be putting on your Gold Wing bike, the last thing you want is to have wind, dirt, dust and bugs blasting on your face the entire ride. While the stock windshield on most Gold Wings is an excellent piece, the problem is that they may not be designed for your height, size and preferred riding position. Because of this, an aftermarket windshield for your Gold Wing is going to be an excellent option to optimize your ride for quiet, comfortable riding. Shop for the best Gold Wing windshield, best motorcycle parts and accessories for your Gold Wing at

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3.Aftermarket Seat

The Honda Gold Wing is purpose built to gobble up tons of miles on America’s long, open roads with minimal maintenance. But our body is not designed to do the same thing!If you’re going to use your Gold Wing the way it was intended, you’re going to be getting a lot of seat time and probably some aches here and there. And for that reason, you’d be well served to make sure that time is spent in a high quality aftermarket Gold Wing seat that can go the distance like you and your bike can.  Shop for the best options for Honda Gold Wings seats and Honda OEM fairings at no other place than at

Honda Gold Wings truly is the ultimate performance touring machine, make yours safe and comfortable for an even better ride.

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