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by - April 11, 2019

My Top 5 Magical Posh Favorite
Girls naturally like make up. There may be some who don’t but most of the girls I know love them. Ever searching for a brand that may be “hiyang” for us; we are always on the look-out for make up that is innovative, of high quality and affordable. We don’t have to look very far as there is a new brand in the market, a local brand at that, that is becoming popular nowadays - introducing the Magical Posh Cosmetics.

The Magical Posh Cosmetics is a popular brand online. The brainchild of Ms. Ghie Pangilinan, she created her Skin Magical skincare line in 2016 by trying her hand in online selling with her very own discovery of her brand of papaya soap. It became so successful that, ultimately she created other beauty products, thus born Skin Magical. It is now a big company with an umbrella for franchising and reselling.
The Magical Posh Cosmetics is a line of high quality products with reasonable prices. Imagine high quality lip tints available for only PhP195. During the Philippine Franchise Asia Expo 2019 that was held for three days, the Magical Posh Cosmetics along with Artista Scents have their own stalls for people interested to invest in the cosmetic and perfume lines.

Here are the top 5 products that you will fall in love with Magical Posh Cosmetics:

1.  Lipsticks (Lip Lacquer/Ultra Matte)

I feel as if I’m in Cloud 9 when I saw the wide array of lippies displayed at the Magical Posh stall. Such wonderful colors packed in high quality packaging, you think you are looking at those very expensive lipstick lines. Did you know what attract me the most with Magical Posh lippies? They smell so good and so easy to put on, it glides. They told me that all their products are highly pigmented that’s why it’s lasting. It also contains healthy ingredients like Grape extract, Aloe and Vitamins C/E, enough to ensure that will cause dry lips.


BESTSELLER: Matte Lip Lacquer

The Matte Lip Lacquer (Php295) is such a lovely product. It has nine shades that are all lovely to try. It’s creamy, long-lasting, and doesn’t smudge at all even after eating. You will also love that minty feeling as you wear it. Two of its bestseller are the Lady Danger and Vegas Red but I love Tea Rose the most. The nine shades are Lady Danger, Vegas Red, American Doll, Lavish Nude,Tea Rose, Eternal Sunset, Pink Blossom, Shy Lady and Very Victoria.

Ultra Matte Lipstick

If you’re into bullet type lipsticks, then the Ultra Matte lipsticks (Php180) is for you. Same with the lip lacquer it is creamy, non-drying, and long lasting but not it isn’t waterproof. It comes in 6 shades – Plumtastic, Rustic Red, Berry Pink, Champagne Pink, Dreamy Peach and Inflamed Red.

2.  Serum Fond de Tient SPF25 - Php599

Serum is the in thing nowadays. Targeted to make your skin glowing, the latest innovation in skin care is taking the beauty world by storm. This Serum Fond is a lightweight, ionized water based serum foundation that offers a new way to instantly smooth, blur and perfect skin. Just a teeny tiny drop is enough to make your skin soft, glowing and naturally smooth. For Php 599, Magical Posh’s Serum Fond de Tient SPF25 Serum Fond de Tient SPF25 truly a steal.

Magical Posh FB

3.  Eyebrow Cushion - Php295

Cushion make up is the rage now. Thanks to Korean beauty technology, cushion make-up uses cotton cushion that will evenly apply make-up.  One of Magical Posh bestseller product is the Eyebrow Cushion. It comes in two variations — dark and light. So for those who think that Kilay is Life then this Eyebrow Cushion is for you, and surprise, surprise it’s WATERPROOF!

4.  Cloud La Magic Tint

Get noticed with this tint that brings instant vibrant looking rosy glow. This Magic pinkish tint can be applied with just your fingertips and have that tight shade in both ceeks. It also suits oily skin and will last from onring to night.

5.  Magical Ultra Fine 3 in 1 Eyebrow

For that browtiful you, the Magical Ultra Fine 3 in 1 Eyebrow is a must. It glides easily and so handy, you can e an expert in taking care of your brow.

Since Magical Posh Cosmetics are getting popular with so many good reviews, the company will be open soon for franchising.

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Beside the Magical Posh Cosmetics stall at the Expo is the Artista Scent. If your're looking for your next favorite scent, Artista Scent it is. You should try and discover the unique scent that gives off long-lasting scent. Moreover its classy and yet affordable too which is two of the features I'm looking for in a scent after a fact that it smell so good.

Artsita Scent is an Eau de Parfum and comes in 5 classy scent named after the famous celebrities in the country.

For women, they have Moira and Sarah. I love how Sarah smell and I'm excited to find that it is one of their bestseller.

For men, the three scent is named after Mateo, Derek and Tom. Each have its distinctive smell that is pleasing to the smell.

Artista Scent is also offering a franchise business if you're interested in one.

For more info, visit their FB page at

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