The Best Takoyaki and Milk Tea at Gulu Gulu

by - March 07, 2019

Did you know that GuluGulu, the famed Taiwanese takoyaki and milk tea store is now in the Philippines? This is good news to all milktea-crazed Filipinos!

Gulu Gulu opened its Philippine branch at SM SaveMore Nagtahan. More than a milk tea store, they also serve one of their bestsellers – the Takoyaki which comes in Classic, Pork Floss and Nori. They also have in their menu fruit teas which I highly recommend.

Here’s a trivia that I’ve read why it is named Gulu Gulu. When it was founded by Mr. GuoWeixiong in 1997, the time when he wanted to open a food business, he researched about food and the eating habits of the Taiwanese, he came across the word "Gulo Gulo," the sound one made while drinking milk tea, and the rest they say is history.

Over the years, the Gulu Gulu Takoyaki business has expanded and grew across Taiwan in more than 50 cities. They have also branched out in other Asian countries.

Head on to Gulu Gulu now and try their milk tea and the best takoyaki in town. Know more about Gulu Gulu at their Social Media Pages: 


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