#SHERules: Give way to Filipinas Who Will Change the Way of Entrepreneurship

by - March 28, 2019

As we celebrate Women’s Month this March, there seems to be a call everywhere that we need more women entrepreneur in the world. And in the Philippines, it is said that now is a good time to be a woman-trepreneur.

Just last year, the Philippines was rated as the ninth best market for women entrepreneurs in the world in a report by global payments company Mastercard.

The Philippines made the top 10, the only market not in the developing world to do so. The only other Southeast Asian country in the top 10 is Singapore. The report found that women entrepreneurs in the Philippines benefit from what is considered a gender-friendly business environment.

By becoming entrepreneurs, women are given the opportunity to channel their energy and passion into projects that help them gain financial independence. Women who go into business for themselves have the satisfaction of not just seeing their enterprises grow but also of knowing that they can support themselves and their loved ones.

Online financial marketplace eCompareMo.com salutes hardworking and ambitious Filipino entrepreneurs. As part of their advocacy to help Filipinos make better financial decisions, they want to help the Filipina in her drive to become a successful entrepreneur.

In line with that, eCompareMo.com hosted “#SHERules: Filipinas Who Change The Way We Do Business,” a roundtable discussion on empowering women through entrepreneurship, which took place at the Rockwell Club in Makati City.

#SHERules esteemed panelists included Department of Trade and Industry Regional Operations Group assistant secretary Blesila Lantayona; Financial Literacy Advocate Daniela Laurel; and Camille Villar, managing director of Vista Land and Lifescapes and daughter of recently named Forbes’ Richest Filipino, Manny Villar. They join eCompareMo.com’s Chief Operating Officer, Ched Limson, in speaking about the unique challenges and triumphs faced by Filipina entrepreneurs today.

“The power of women is often underestimated, both by themselves and others. I’m so proud to be able to highlight just how the Filipina can harness her inner strength and channel it through entrepreneurship,” said Limson.

“Through our online financial marketplace, we give everyone who wants to grow their business access to financing through a wide selection of loans with low interest rates and light payment terms. Whether you’re looking for seed capital or extra funds to expand your business, we can help you find the right loan to suit your needs,” she added.

Here are the top four lessons I learned during the #SheRules discussion:

Women are Better Money Managers.

There are Companies in the Philippines that value its women workers.

There’s an online marketplace such as eCompareMo.com that is ready to help woman-trepreneur and give access on how they can grow their business.

The Filipinas is the most hardworking in the world. They can work far away from her family, in a strangers land just to provide for them. This courage and inner strength can be used to channel entrepreneurship and help them succeed.

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