Kim Atienza Signs Anew with Santé

by - March 07, 2019

Nowadays, it is alarming to hear of news of more people succumbing to disease mainly because they haven’t led a healthy quality life. For most Filipinos, living a healthy life is now a norm, maybe that’s why there’s a mushrooming of gyms and exercise facilities around. But to those who don’t have time for this, they turn to premium organic and wellness products that have been tested by time and its efficacy. Leading these products is Santé.

Founded in 2007, Sante has since launched a roster of brands like the famous Santé Barley. Santé is one of the fastest growing distribution and direct selling companies in the country. They have provided products designed to improve the quality of life of Filipinos and other people around the world.

To best represent their product, Santé has partnered with Kim Atienza, better known as Kuya Kim as their brand ambassador believing that Kuya Kim best embody what Santé is all about.

Last March 4, 2019, Santé and Kuya Kim renewed its partnership during a contract signing held at the Sante HQ in Eton Cyberpod Corinthian. CEO of Sante Joey Marcelo shared, “Aside from making his mark in the entertainment industry, Kuya Kim also embodies what healthy living is all about, which, we at Sante are passionate about. We are extremely pleased to forge stronger ties with him as he renews his contract with us. As our brand ambassador, we hope that he will be the extension of our company by sewing as a channel in helping people lead comfortable and healthy lives.”

A proud user of Santé , Kuya Kim shared more about the barley grass’ powerful properties and its proven health benefits. Everyone knows the health scare that Kuya Kim got eight years ago and he started taking Santé Barley products since then. “I fell sick a couple of times in the past since I was immuno compromised. Now, as I lead a healthy lifestyle, it is important for me that my immune system is strengthened-something that Santé Barley has helped me with,” he added.

Marcelo also revealed that Santé is the Philippines’ first company to be certified organic by BioGro, the largest and best-known certifier for organic produce and products in New Zealand.

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But what makes the difference between conventional and certified organic product?

According to Peter Hope, managing director of Santé New Zealand, the farmers of producers certified by BioGro are certified by an independent author. “These experts come and check what we are doing every year to ensure that we conform to certified organic laws. That means that we abide by certain rules when we grow our products.”

It also guarantees that a product is made without animal testing, genetic modification, and the routine use of synthetic pesticides –a true mark of a genuine organic product.

Hope also shared that one of their farms in New Zealand has been certified organic for over 30 years. It means that the soil in there hasn’t had anything artificial over the last three decades, which guarantees consumers that the products they buy have no chemicals.

So being a certified-BioGro producer means that Santé carries the BioGro seal of excellence, ensuring its customers that the organic produce they buy is genuine.

To know more about Santé, and its product offerings, and other upcoming events, visit their official Facebook Page at or their website at

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