Creations by Lourd Ramos’ New Faces New Forces 2019 Cycle 1 Winners

by - February 09, 2019

cie cisneros

Through the years, renowned hair and makeup artist Lourd Ramos has been known to discover aspiring models and promote the natural beauty of Pinoy that will be the next trailblazer in the fashion and salon industry.

For 2019, Creations by Lourd Ramos is looking for new faces, new forces that will be their Next Salon Ambassadors.

The search is open to all aspiring male and female models, 18 to 24 years old, with 100 percent Filipino blood and ancestry. The participants were asked to make a video or photo on why they should be the next Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon Ambassador and post their Most Fashionable Fabulous Photo or Video on Instagram and Facebook. Those who qualified were announced through the #LourdRamosTV Youtube Channel.

Last January 30, 2019, during the finals, the aspiring models had simultaneous photoshoot in their gowns and swim wear with three of the country’s top-caliber photographers with the likes of Mr. Louie Faundo, Esperat Photography and Haian Naya.

cie cisneros

cie cisneros

cie cisneros

cie cisneros

The finals was then held at the Ascott BGC afterwards where the aspiring models composed of sixteen males and nine females were trimmed down to eight lucky participants. Like the usual pageant, there’s the runway walk and the participants answer the Q and A. The board of judges were composed by Ascott BGC General Manager Ms. Sue Ponnudurai, Art Personas CEO Mr. Ronnie Cruz, Youtuber Jessica Godinez, Celebrity Photographer Dix Perez, Metro Magazine Editor-in-Chief Ms. Geolette Esguerra, and Miss World-Philippines 2018 Katarina Rodriguez.

The lucky eight participants who emerged as the Creations by Lourd Ramos’ New Faces New Forces 2019 were John Renniel T. Marcos, Jeigha Marguerite D. From Vera, Mark Besinio, Carla Piscoso, Ricardo Aguilera Jr., Charie Mae Navarro, Roy Everett, and Erla Raene C. Garcia. (Photo Source)

Carla Piscoso

Charie Mae Navarro

Jeigha Marguerite D. From Vera

Erla Raene C. Garcia 

John Renniel T. Marcos 

Mark Besinio

Ricardo Aguilera Jr.

Roy Everett 

For more information, you can visit and LourdRamosTV Youtube channel

The bloggers with THE Lourd Ramos and photographer Louie Faundo

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