by - January 30, 2019

The kindly child born in the Year of the Pig is the heart and soul of any gathering or family unit.  Self-reliant, easygoing, sociable and steady, this little goodwill ambassador is the kid every child and adult can agree to adore.

He works as hard as he plays, and has many friends.  Dependable, dedicated, and determined, he perseveres where others would admit defeat.  And should he experience defeat, he shakes it off with without discouragement.

A generous dispenser of hugs, kisses, and bottomless faith, your little Pig is an absolute treasure.  He possesses the biggest heart around- unselfish, boundlessly sympathetic, generous, trusting, faithful, honest, sincere, and gallant: he will be your biggest fan and staunchest supporter.

SM Accessories Kids and Toy Kingdom celebrate the Year of the Pig with a collection of cute, lovable, and huggable pig plush toys and novelty items that will bring out the pig child in kids of all ages and zodiac signs.  Led by the adorable Peppa Pig herself, these will not only make playtime lots of fun, but also bring lots of love and luck for Chinese New Year and beyond.

These are available at the SM Accessories Kids department of The SM Stores and at Toy Kingdom.

The lovable Peppa Pig welcomes Chinese New Year in the traditional spring festival costume. Available this February at Toy Kingdom.

Peppa Pig backpack from SM Accessories Kids is a great school and travel companion.

Peppa Pig with crown. Available at Toy Kingdom.

Peppa Pig with Teddy plush toy from SM Accessories Kids.

Princess Peppa available at Toy Kingdom.

Piggy plushies from SM Accessories Kids at The SM Store!

Pig pillow for a good night’s sleep. Available at Toy Kingdom.

Playtime made even more fun with the vibrant colors of SM Accessories Kids pig plush toys.

Baby Pig plush toy from Toy Kingdom.

Pig-inspired bedroom slippers from  SM Accessories Kids

Peppa Pig baseball cap from SM Accessories Kids are perfect for a sunshiny day in the park.

SM Accessories Kids adorable pig plush toys.

Cute pig plushy available at Toy Kingdom.

Two in one pig stuffed toy. Available at Toy Kingdom.

Lovable piggy novelty for kids of all ages from SM Accessories Kids.

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