Derek, Piolo and Dingdong's 5 Reasons Why They Love Dunkin' Donuts Delicious DD Bar

by - January 11, 2019

It was more than thirty years when I had my first Dunkin' Donuts and it was love at first bite. I still remember the multi-colored sprinkles on top of it and the taste of the donut is heavenly. Since then Dunkin' Donuts is my perfect snack treat.

Just like most Filipinos who have sweet tooth, there’s nothing like a bite or a box of Dunkin' to cheer us up or put a smile on anyone's face with this delicious treats. And over the years, along with our taste, Dunkin' Donuts has continuously levelled up in giving us the variations of the donuts we love like the yummy treats of Boston Kreme and Choco Butternut. What more, Dunkin' Donuts have the equally yummy endorsers Derek Ramsey and Piolo Pascual.

cie cisneros

For 2019, Dunkin' Donuts is raising the bar anew with the Delicious DD Bar! Launched last night at the Fairmont Hotel, the DD Bar comes in delectable flavor-filled with its five delightful flavours that you can get hooked onto. There’s the dark chocolate-y éclair, the coffee-sprinkled Tiramisu, the kreme-filled Hazelnut-flavored Split Royale, the exquisite Matcha, and the fruity, white chocolate Lady Finger.

cie cisneros

Truly, each flavor is a Dunkin‘ Donuts masterpiece that you should not wait to sink your teeth into! The night of the launch became livelier with the presentation of the Delicious DD Bar TVC! And surprise, surprise, the two hunks Piolo Pascual and Derek Ramsey is now joined by no less than another yummy endorser – Dingdong Dantes. The three yummy endorsers each gave their personal Dunkin’ Donuts story and why they love the Delicious DD Bars as well as some behind-the-scenes with their TVC.

cie cisneros

So enjoy the Delicious DD Bars. You can combine them with your favorite classic and premium donuts! For Php 299.00, you can get 5 DD Bars with 6 Classic Donuts. Or for the same price, get 3 DD Bars with 2 Premium Donuts and 6 Classic Donuts. This is truly another great reason to love Dunkin Donuts, bar none.

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