Nonong Haresco steps up to fight climate change, uplift senior’s rights and promote small businesses

by - December 16, 2018

In our country, politicians are regarded in many ways. Ridiculed and scoffed at mostly by people who haven’t really exercised their electoral rights, it is up to a few majorities to send someone to be their voice and representative in the legislation.

In Aklan, there is one voice that can be heard even to far places. His sensitivity to the plights of his co Aklanon and the unfairness some of them experienced made him committed to fight prejudice in all its forms.

He is Rep. Teodorico “Nonong” Haresco. For many years now, he is trying to build a decent, more modest Aklan where everyone can live fairly and respectably.

Resolute in his belief that small businesses are the backbone of our economy, Haresco is determined to find ways and utilize Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) with its potential in easing poverty by creating laws, mandating that it should be a top national agenda as it will aid the development of small businesses and extending assistance to the people by expanding their access to financial resources.

Having learned microentrepreneurship at a very young age, he stand firm that the microenterprise industry has the capability to uplift hardworking individuals and provide jobs for others in the.

But that is not his only contribution to the development of Aklan and to our country as well, there are bills and measures he co-authored for Filipinos to have better lives.

To date, he has authored and co-authored more than 60 house measures, including:

HB00115 – an act increasing the bed capacity of Ibajay District Hospital from 25 to 100

HB02239 – an act granting P1,000 monthly stipend by way of financial assistance to centenarians

HB02240 – an act exempting users of electronic vehicles from the payment of road user’s tax

HB02241- an act to prescribe nutrition labeling for food products

HB03192 – an act providing for the establishment of barangay drugstores, otherwise known as “Botika sa Barangay”

HB03366 – an act penalizing anti-competitive agreements, abuse of dominant position, and anti-competitive mergers, establishing the Philippine Fair Competition Commission

HB03776 – an act empowering the micro, small, and medium enterprises;

HB02323 – an act granting P500 monthly allowance to barangay  tanods

HB02414 – an act amending section 5 of Republic Act No. 10121, otherwise known as an act strengthening the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management System

HB02415 – an act to combat abuse and increase penalties for crimes against senior citizens

HB04335 – an act requiring mandatory installation of closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras on major roads included in routes of public utility vehicles among others, and

HB00111 – an act establishing a mechanism for the sustainable development and use of the island of Boracay.

His accomplishments as a public person cannot be denied having been a recipient of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry Businessman of the Year Award (2007) and the Deutsche Bank Banker of the Year Award (2005). Also he was voted as People Asia’s Person of the Year and has graced its cover in 2008. He was chosen as one of the Modern Day Filipino Heroes (2008) and one of the 23 Filipinos cited in the book celebrating 347 years of Philippine-British Relations. His company WINSOURCE Solutions Inc. has been a five-time recipient of the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise.

Did you know that Rep. Haresco conceptualized the President’s Bridge Programme (PBP)? It is a parallel intervention used in regular government infrastructure programmes. This very successful reengineering model in the Philippines is being duplicated in Sri Lanka, Papa New Guinea, Cambodia, Siberia, and in other parts of Asia.

This background and accomplishments are what makes Rep. Haresco set apart from other lawmakers. He has always been a hardworking public servant who does not rely only in his public work but is a, first and foremost, a businessman who set good example by setting up his own startup of prawn-farming venture where he turned his 50-hectare land in this venture in his Ibajay hometown. This startup is so successful that he now caters to the big name in the restaurant business in the metro as told during the meet and greet held last December

Also his indefatigable effort and help in restoring Boracay back to what it is, is an environmental feat.

Truly, Rep. Teodorico “Nonong” Haresco is for the people and en vironment. The coming 2019 election will be more exciting and patriotic when we’re going to send anew the person who will best represent us and be the voice of the people.

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