Achieve “Puting Koreana” at Gluta Spa Philippines

by - December 12, 2018

We have been immersed in Korean beauty culture and we totally love i! There’s just something about their skin care techniques that can give you the glow and whitening that most Pinays are constantly seeking. Did you know that there’s a skin care clinic that specializes in achieving that Putting KOREANA peg? It’s The Gluta Spa Philippines. This clinic is described as the NUMBER 1 GLUTA CLINIC in the Philippines and I have the benefit of knowing why they hold this distinction.

Weeks ago, I visited their Shaw branch together with my friends. What I love about the place is that they make you feel at ease and comfortable as soon as you enter. The very friendly staffs are ever ready to assist you with the type of services you will avail. Specializing in Gluta Drips that not only makes the skin Whiter and Glowing, The Gluta Spa Philippines offers the Most Effective and Fastest Whitening drips with Anti oxidant Benefit in Asia.

The Gluta Spa Philippines offers different types of drips such as the Korean Cinderella Drip, Korean Beauty Drip, Celestial Infusion, Detox Drip, Gluta Beauty Drip, Gluta Whitening Booster Up , Drips with Multivitamins Concoction, Pure Vitamins C, B-Complex, Collagen, L-Carnitine for Slimming among others.

My friends tried the Collagen Drip or the Multivitamins Concoction while I tried their facial services.


I super love BB Cream because it easily absorb in my skin while providing the coverage I needed. That’s why I’m so happy that The Gluta Spa Philippines offer the KOREAN BB GLOW facial.

It is a 30-minute facial that will give you a semi permanent BB Cream with anti aging and can make your pores smaller.  Even with one session, the result is immediate and my friends told me that my skin is glowing. Imagine that! What more if I availed the required 5-session package they offer, maybe I will achieved that glass-like complexion I so admired among the Korean celebrities.

You too can achieve the whitening you want at The Gluta Spa Philippines with their Drips and Facial among the skin care services. Must-try is the Underarm Whitening using the latest formula from Japan and Korea.

For appointments and prices, visit their FB page

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