Top 5 Reasons Why WeeXpress Are Better than Other Express Delivery App

by - November 13, 2018

Most people can ride bicycles. It’s true. Some even made cycling into a hobby and form organization for biking activities. And with the state of traffic and road congestion in the metro, some have used their bikes to go to work. But did you know that bicycles, same with motorcycles can be useful for deliveries?

With the ease of weaving their way in the streets, bicycles are proven to be effective for deliveries, especially this Christmas season when shopping for gifts is such a hassle and has become a nightmare. To the rescue is WeeXpress App. WeeXpress is the first logistic services courier to push bicycles as alternative mode of transporting parcels and deliveries in the Philippines

WeeXpress, a trusted, Filipino-made service and mobile application aims to fulfill customers' everyday delivery needs with their courier and delivery services all over Metro Manila. The company's vision is to become the Philippines' most efficient delivery app, leading in eco-friendliness through their efforts to promote environment-friendly services with couriers making use of bicycles and motorcycles on deliveries.

Here are the top 5 reasons why WeeXpress are better than all the express deliveries combined:

FIRST. WeeXpress App is proudly made by Filipino developers dedicated to giving the Philippines a more efficient way of transporting documents, parcels, and packed food.

SECOND. Since many Filipinos are capable of riding a bike, WeeXpress provide jobs to the unemployed who are willing to make deliveries on bicycles and motors, given that they have the required government clearances.

THIRD. Guaranteed same day parcel delivery (eight-hour guaranteed delivery), as WeeXpress makes sure that your parcels and documents are just right in time of your need.

FOURTH. Guaranteed lowest base rate pegged at (50) pesos for the roadside pick up and (60) pesos for the door to door deliveries within the first three kilometers. Succeeding distance will be charged (12) pesos per kilometre;

FIFTH. WeeXpress gives money back guarantee for all deliveries in Metro Manila. Said policy guarantees payment refund for all deliveries that exceeds more than 8 hours from the time of pick-up to delivery.

So, are you excited now to use the WeeXpress App? You can download the WeeXpress App on Google Play (for Android users) or AppStore (for IOS users) and follow this four-step delivery procedure:

1. Book a Pick-Up point
2. Wait for your rider to pick-up your item
3. Track your parcel through our app. You'll get notified once the receiver gets the item.
4. Delivery done!

WeeXpress is created by a group of logistics minds with vast experience on shipping and transportation and knows deeply the complete cycle of end to end deliveries. Moreover, WeeXpress CSR aims to help the My Superhero Friends Foundation Inc. where for every delivery, WeeXpress donates (2) pesos to the My Superhero Friends Foundation Inc.

Michael Maranan who is a biker himself founded the WeeXpress with the aim to make logistics services affordable and eco-friendly.

“We are the first logistic services courier to push bicycles as alternative mode of transporting parcels and deliveries in the Philippines. We want this to be the mainstream mode of transporting small goods here in our country due to its pro-environment advantages, Maranan claims during the official launch held last November 8, 2018.

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