Taiwan Excellence showcases state-of-the-art household products focusing on safety at Philconstruct 2018

by - November 10, 2018

The final leg of Philconstruct , the biggest construction show in the country, is a four-day affair happening this November 8 – 11, 2018 showcasing products related to Building Construction Material, Equipment and Sanitary ware such as , interior design materials and construction equipments among others. The trade fair is happening in two locations - SMX Convention Center  and the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

One of its largest exhibitors is the Taiwan Excellence where Ten Taiwanese Companies that has received the Taiwan Excellence Award are exhibiting their most elite brands that are recognized as some of the best that Taiwan has to offer.

Technological innovation has come a long way and it is mostly true in the construction industry. Forward-thinking innovators have created a comfortable and secure environment with products that are smart enough to make our households and our chores are an easier and an enjoyable one. Some brands showcase innovations where safety is its topmost concern, a feature widely sought by Asian construction industry.

Taiwan Excellence has been riding the wave of technological innovation and with their flare for excellence only the highest quality brands and products   have change the way we live.

At the Philconstruct 208, you will see amazing finds where safety s given priority. Among my top four finds are:

SIMLEAD Safety Drawer System

How many times have we been injured by a closet in our house, or those hard-to-open drawers that is always stuck? Can you imagine having minor accidents inside a place where we should have been protected?

The King Slide Drawer System comes with Push-Open, Silent-Soft Closing and Vibration Safety Design. It is the world’s first drawer designed for safety. Available in Metal and Wood, its three innovations is the Ever-Active, Push-Open where drawer can be push-opened from a closed or any partially opened position and smoothly soft-closed without bouncing back. While its Switchable Push-Open Design can be enabled or disabled by a simple flip of the switch, this product is adjustable based on your needs. Lastly, the Vibration Safety Design makes the drawer not pop out under accidental shaking or vibration.

This very convenient solution for drawers has user-friendly mechanical design for more safety, smoothness and durability


There are lots of times we need ladder for support. To ensure safety, Hasegawa has made ladders that fir with the customers’ needs. Self-supporting folding ladders that have locking hinge. This multifunctional model can be used as single ladder, double sided ladder, trestle, work platform among others.

FECA Suction Cups, Hooks and Space Magic

Super amazed with this suction Cups that I wanted to buy one on the spot. Too bad it’s not for sale at the exhibit. The Ferro-Carbon Enterprise Co., Ltd. (FECA) brings several innovative storage solutions to the table, perfect for smaller spaces and maximizing any area. FECA products promise durability and style, and with their patented industrial vacuum technology suction cups, bring an end to the era of drilling and hammering into your walls to install storage. Each unit, such as the Samurai Wall Shelf Set, the Samurai 10" Magnetic bar, and the Samurai Storage Bag can be attached to rough surfaces, are durable and reusable, and are stable in temperatures of -10 ̊C to 70 ̊Cͦ. 

Barrier-Free Pleated-Mesh Retractable Door Screen

As a tropical country, those living in enclosed space can find it uncomfortable especially if it’s the summer season. Most of the condo in the metro has little or not enough ventilation at all. One of the solution I find at the Taiwan Excellence Exhibit is the Taroko Door & Window Technologies, Inc. which offers the Barrier-Free Pleated Screen, a screen system for both windows and doors that feature a dual function: keeping harsh light out during the day and keeping insects out at night while letting air freely circulate.  Although highly mechanical, the screen is easily removed from wherever it’s installed for cleaning. Another perk is that it’s durable, boasting a minimum usage cycle of 100,000 times. 

This ideal screen is barrier-free which provides freely accessible indoor space and uses only a thin plate as sliding guide.  It can be used as windows screens, screen door, for interior light compartment at the entrance door or any of the entry. Convenient to be uninstalled for clearing.

These are several products I find amazing at the Taiwan excellence exhibit. During the four day event, clients can easily talk to the representative of the Taiwan companies and have prospective business meetings.

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