Everything We Need to Know about the 2019 Champions for Health Governance (CHG) Awards

by - November 10, 2018

One of the many challenges of the local government in our country is how to ensure the good health and wellbeing of its constituents. As the go-to government body much is expected on how they will implement these programs for the good of all.

It is a known fact that the Philippines are one of the nations that face numerous challenges when it comes to receiving optimal healthcare. Challenges in the devolved health systems, more so access to products and services, has been detected in remote communities and its barangays that have competing priorities with healthcare. UHC intends to address these obstacles by defining the critical role of LGUs in the delivery and implementation of health services at the local level.

Giving commendation to these LGUs for their effort is rewarded thru the Champions for Health Governance (CHG) Awards.

The Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership, on its fourth run is once again giving awards for the Health Governance Champions. For 2019, they are collaborating anew with global biopharmaceutical company MSD in the Philippines and non-profit organization Jesse M. Robredo Foundation.

At the press conference held last November 8, 2018, this year’s search was officially launched led by Kaya Natin board member Harvey S. Keh. Several distinguished guests and past winners graced the event.

During the presentation, Jessica Marie Robredo, chairman of Jesse Robredo Foundation, in her speech, explained, ‘My father, Jesse Robredo had always believed in the power of the local government. CHG seeks to challenge our local leaders to generate innovative ways to solve their localities' health problems despite the odds.”

While Kaya Natin! Champion and acting Olangapo City Mayor Sara Garcia made affirmation that, “The success of UHC relies heavily on government and hospital participation in city and municipal levels. The vision of a healthy Filipino community will be attained when the public and private sector spark a partnership to genuinely serve available, accessible, affordable, and quality health care programs to all Filipinos.”

The partnership between the Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership and the Foundation is an intrinsic element of MSD's comprehensive vision to improve access to innovative therapies through far-reaching programs and partnerships, with the mission to provide healthcare solutions to people who need it the most. Anchored on its commitment to improving health and well-being around the world, the company develops research-based medicines and vaccines for many of the world's most challenging diseases which includes but are not limited to cancer, HIV, vaccine-preventable diseases, cardio-metabolic ailments and antibiotic-resistant infection as well as emerging global pandemics.

“We, at the private sector, aims to be a partner of choice of all our stakeholders. Aligned to our vision to continuously invent for life, we share the responsibility of improving the health and access to quality healthcare among Filipino people. One way of realizing that goal is through meaningful collaborations with key government units,” said Dr. Beaver Tamesis, president of MSD in the Philippines.

He added that we will continue to share our expertise and resources until gaps in health systems are filled and equitable access to true UHC is achieved."

In a recorded message during the press con, Vice President Leni Robredo believes that the first step to expanding universal healthcare coverage is through creating stronger connections with communities and stakeholders. “My husband is an advocate of developing strong, robust and reliable social services because he believes good leadership is measured by the amount of trust built between the government and its citizens. When people have faith in their leaders, people are more likely to participate in government initiatives," she said.

Mayor Herminigildo M. Velasco of San Gabriel, La Union also shared, “Our fourth class municipality of San Gabriel where 90 percent of the population is comprised of indigenous people, lack the resources that higher-class municipalities and cities have at their disposal. We viewed this challenge as an opportunity to revisit and review our programs, study local data, analyze and effect policies that will address identified priorities using the resources at hand.”

San Gabriel bagged the award two years ago.

‘CHG’s initiative spurs municipalities like us to bring out our 'best practices’ in healthcare. The recognition we received continues to inspire our people to work hard in promoting and sustaining our various efforts.” Mayor Velasco added.

While resources may not be a main problem for a first class municipality like Plaridel, this Bulacan town cites its consistent drive to improve the community’s welfare as the reason behind their proactive approach to healthcare. "We won the Best Mental Health Implementer in February 2017 for our Women and Child Crisis Center. We also received the ‘Best Health Practice' in December 2017 for our ‘Ugoy. Haplos. Aruga’, which promotes Eady Childhood Care and Developmental Intervention,” said Mayor Jocell Casaje.

“The prize we received as CHGA in 2017 was allocated back to our Barangay Health Leadership Management program for our 19 barangays and in the procurement of mental health commodities, Plaridel is consistent,” Mayor Casaje added.

Kaya Natin! Movement also recognizes that the private sector is a vital enabler in countries with disease burdens and poor healthcare systems in terms of fulfilling its health goals and in promoting the wellbeing of its people. Through multi-sect oral partnerships with key government agencies, non-government organizations, private companies and the media, it aspires to push Philippines towards achieving its Sustainable Development Goals by encouraging the private sector to share its business and technical expertise.

'We value our partnership with MSD because we believe that good and innovative health governance will ultimately lead to a healthier cities and municipalities. This will then lead to more productive Citizens In our country which will then lead towards solving poverty and inequality in our country,‘ said Keh.


CHG commends top performing local government units (LGUs) that ensure good health and wellbeing of its constituents through excellent and efficient implementation of their local health programs. This is in accordance with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals on health and the Department of Health (DOH) framework to achieve universal health care for all Filipinos.

The biennial Citation was first launched in 2013 and is now in its fourth run.

Entries will be evaluated based on local leadership, transparency and accountability, effectiveness. Innovativeness, health resource management, and community engagement in health. They will also be assessed based on their contribution to achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

The top five winning LGUs from the city or municipal level will receive a cash grant worth P100,000 to fund their best health programs and continue their outstanding initiatives in health.

For more information on the criteria and mechanics, interested LGUs may visit the CHG website http://healthgovemance.weebly.com or Facebook page http://facebook.oorn/HealthGovemanoe.

Deadline for the submission of entries will be on December 23, 2018.

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