Narada enters Ph, partners with IEZ Global and Dios Enterprise

by - October 19, 2018

Power and electricity makes the world go round. Yet it is saddening to note that there are still some areas, especially here in the Philippines that doesnt enjoy the full benefits of electricity.  If you ever happen to ride a plane by night, look out of the window seat and see how fascinating it is seeing our country lights up. 

There was a time during a flight home to Manila from Zamboanga when I  saw from above that there are places in our country with big and small clusters of light. Some just have lines while other places just have specks of light, making me think that may be only a few have power in this places.

The past two administratiin or even during Pres. Gloria's time, one of their plans is to provide electricity in far-flung places in the country. Those administrations even formed partnerships with other companies for this.

This year, Narada, a global company known for specializing in energy storage, is coming to the Philippines. In a strategic partnership with iEZ Global and Dios enterprise, Narada aims to address the Philippines’ issues with power storage.

”There is a clear problem with storing and providing power in small towns in the Philippines,” says Charz Kelso Spokesperson of IEZ Global.

”Narada, together with Dios Enterprise and IEZ Global, aims to work very closely with the Philippine Government by providing the knowledge technology to store energy and providing power even at night to thosel places.”

At a press briefing held last  October 17, 2018, representatives from Narada, iEZ Global and Dios Enterprise, presented their plans. A signing of MOA where also done. Afterwards, the representatives answered questions from the media on how their cooperation will be mutually beneficial and ultimately estabslish a presence for Narada in the country.

Cheers to this partnership as they aim to make Filipino lives better.

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