Maxicare Launches First HealthHub at Manila Doctors Hospital

by - October 22, 2018

Maxicare, one of the pioneers in the HMO industry in the country added another milestone to its long-time partnership with Manila Doctors Hospital. Over the years, the partnership has grown by leaps and bounds and both has continuously upgraded their services as they are committed to provide excellent healthcare.

Maxicare knows that one cannot put a tag price to a loved one’s health care and with this in mind they launch its first HealthHub at Manila Doctors Hospital earlier. The officers and staff of Maxicare and Manila Doctors Hospital were present at the blessings and inauguration.

Anyone who's been to the hospital for a check-up knows how inconvenient it is to wait in line before being called to see the doctor for the actual consultation.

Now, members of Maxicare can start saying goodbye to the waiting as the Maxicare Healthhub is a one-stop health hub that utilizes cutting-edge technology to streamline the process of going for a medical consultation.

The Maxicare HealthHub is a new-generation of self-service, HMO-owned healthcare system that offers a relaxing and convenient way for members to access their benefits. It is especially designed for ease and convenience to its members.

A first-of-its-kind in the country, this automated health pod offers members a convenient and time-saving way of getting their LOA (letter of authorization), and has a fully digitized system to manage patient queuing and make gathering of initial vital signs quick, accurate and hassle-free.

"Our newest innovation was designed to help improve patient experience when going for a check-up. We are introducing this new service at the Manila Doctors Hospital and we are looking forward to launching similar hubs in our other partner hospitals soon," said Maxicare president and CEO Christian Argos.

With convenience as one of its major thrust, Maxicare continuously exerts efforts and expands horizons to provide its members more efficient and seamless ways to access their benefits.

Steps in Using the Maxicare HealthHub

Step 1: Proceed to the Queuing Counter and Select your services. Using your Maxicare card, you can tap it to start or if you do not have your card, you can manually enter your membership ID.

Step 2: Take your BMI and wait to be called. 

Step 3: Proceed to your assigned healthpod. 

Inside the healthpod are:

After you finished these three steps you can now proceed to your medical consultation.

The Maxicare HealthHub is located at the 2nd floor of Manila Doctors Hospital in Ennita, Manila. Maxicare members can drop by anytime between 8 AM to 5 PM.

Here are some of the highlights of today's blessings, ribbon-cutting and inauguration of Maxicare HealthHub at the Manila Doctors Hospital:

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