FWD Life Philippines Launches Protection Plans

by - October 27, 2018

Are You "Set for Tomorrow?"

We may not realize it but we make financial decisions almost every day. It ranges from things such as earning income, budgeting, planning where some of our hard earned income will go, how much of it will go to education, savings, insurance or investment if you're lucky enough to dabble some of your money for it. But only some people could plan like that. With economic uncertainty in this day and age, its about time that financial planning should be taken seriously, the kind of planning that involves about your future or tomorrow at the latest and make sure that you're set for it.

Most of the time, everything financial is an uninteresting topic. Its the kind of topic reserved only for the knowledgeable or the "rich" simply because it involves investment and the like.  But last October 24, 2018, FWD Life Philippines, one of the country’s fastest-growing life insurers, has taken us into Live to Play an experiential game where we learned more on financial literacy. Called Praxis, it is a board game where players are exposed to financial decisions same as in real life and present the many consequences of whatever decisions we made. To be honest, I thought the game is going to be boring but as the minutes goes by, I, like everyone else  enjoyed the game as we go around the Praxis board.

It's fun learning more about savings, bonds, retirements, business cycles, income, expenses, investments, stock markets and others. The game is very close to real life as we are given circumstances and how we go about life faced with a whole set of financial decisions. At the end of the game, there is only one thing that struck me the most, we need financial protection as we go through life and how confident one feels if you have something to back you up against future uncertainties.

Armed with these financial facts, FWD Life Philippines recently introduced a series of new protection plans that can be tailored to meet individual customer needs.

“FWD’s Set for Tomorrow will provide protection for the people we love and care about. The coverage amount and period can be customized to any personal situation and budget. Our aim is to make real and substantial protection accessible to everyone,” said FWD Life Philippines President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Grimes.

According to FWD Life Philippines Marketing Head Roche Vandenberghe, the insurance product has three variants that address the different needs to take care of those left behind should the unexpected happen—Short Term Cover, Income Protector, and Estate Protector.

Introduced to the market on September 3, Set for Tomorrow is a series of new protection plans that can be tailored to meet individual customer needs. It caters to Filipinos from 18 to 70 years of age, from young urban professionals to retirees. With very basic social security, many professionals have an enormous protection gap.

Taking responsibility to protect those you love

In today’s uncertain world, FWD’s latest insurance product is there to protect the ones you love. Three common reasons that lead to financial problems for those left behind include:

People have loans and accountabilities that are transferred to their family if they are no longer around.

Raising a family requires time and money. Also, if the breadwinner falls away, the family will still need money to continue living a life with dignity.

People who build up wealth worry about what they leave behind and especially how to best avoid a family crisis in settling estate taxes and dividing assets. As part of any estate planning solution, long-term insurance coverage is essential to evenly share the assets and ensure those left behind feel equally treated.

Solutions that provide guaranteed protection and give you peace of mind

FWD’s Set for Tomorrow has three variants that meet the needs of the modern Filipino. Short Term Cover is an affordable term life plan that provides guaranteed life insurance coverage for five or 10 years.

Income Protector ensures that your family can continue their life even if you are no longer around. Lastly, Estate Protector is a whole-life plan that provides guaranteed life insurance coverage until 120 years of age.

FWD wants to guide people in fitting the right variant, protection amount, coverage period, and payment terms to the customer’s preferences and abilities. With this in mind, FWD launched online calculator “Cali”. By answering just a few questions, Cali allows you to determine the best solution for you and your budget. To find out the Set for Tomorrow plan that’s perfect for your budget and insurance needs, simply visit cali.ph/SetForTomorrow or scan the QR code on the side.

FWD’s Set for Tomorrow plans are now available through FWD Life’s Financial Wealth Planners. Interested customers may call the 24/7 FWD Customer Connect Hotline at (02) 888-8388 or chat with a Customer Connect Executive via FWD’s 24/7 Live Chat (www.fwd.com.ph) to set an appointment. The plans will also soon be available at all branches of Security Bank, FWD’s bancassurance partner.

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