Frightfully fun Halloween costumes at OLX

by - October 22, 2018

Make this year’s Halloween your best ever as OLX, the world’s leading classifieds platform, helps you find the right and most creative costumes for you or your kids. Capture the fun spirit of Halloween and dress up for the occasion. Check what is available on OLX’s listings.


Get that sinister or menacing look by wearing the face of a scary character like Pennywise ( for only about P1,300. Options range from clowns and deep-sea monsters to Jeepers Creepers, Jason, Jack-o’-Lantern and many more. There are so many masks to choose from!

Villains and horror creatures

Dress up as Maleficent, the Joker, Darth Vader, or classic Halloween characters such as a witch, a vampire, a ghost, or a skeleton ( Whatever you choose will definitely be frightening.

Superheroes for the kids

If there are villains and monsters, there are superheroes to fight them. Children, even adults, who want to be superheroes can dress up as their idols on this one day. Costumes are available on OLX (, with prices ranging from P550 to P1,000. Be Spiderman, Ironman, Hulk, Captain America, Batman, Superman, or whoever you want to be.

Anime villains

You can also find a variety of anime cosplay costumes ( Make your ensemble a little more interesting by going as the antagonist like Rurouni Kenshin’s Shishio. With some bandage around your head, a long purple robe, white belt, black gloves, black shoes and a samurai sword, you’re good to go. Or be Death Note’s Light Yagami. Wear a cream coat, red tie, brown pants and blonde wig.

Cartoon characters

Be your favorite television cartoon character. Come as a Simpson by using yellow body paint. Dress your baby up as Nemo with this costume ( or other characters ( Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and classic Disney Princesses, like Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, and even Elsa, are all available online.

Animal costumes for kids and adults

Take the cute route and be your favorite animal ( for only about P900. Be a brave lion, a leaping frog, a Dalmatian, or a stubby pig.

Costume accessories

Find the right accessories to complete the look, from headdress ( to horned headbands. Shop for witch hats, wigs, and plastic pumpkin baskets for your candies.

Check out the fun and frightful choices at OLX (

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