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by - September 10, 2018

I have always been a Harry/Ginny shipper. I know you might groan at this but after the ending of the HP and the Chamber of Secret, i feel that Harry would fall for Ginny at the end of the series. I was ecstatic at the romantic hint at the Order of the Phoenix and the Half Blood Prince really made my day. But at the epilogue of the Deathly Hallows, all my dreams for them has finally came true. And like every other Potter fanatic who could hardly wait in between books and wants to read more about them, especially those wonderful, wonderful fan fictions that invaded the net and of course when the Harry Potter Saga finally ended, i was never really at a lost and depress when it happened because of all those fanfictions. Through them we could learn to know what other things happened to them even if it isnt the voice of JK Rowlings but the characters lives on. So with this page i am listing all my favorite Harry/Ginny fanfictions and they serve as my Potterfix… Mostly can be found at my favorite, and

1. A Different Beginning – Breanie: This is the story of what happened to Harry if he didnt live his life at the Dursleys but with his father? Where was his mother? Why was it different? How much would be the same? And how much would be different? How many surprises will greet him along the way?

2. The Seventh Horcrux – Melindaleo: This was even printed and published and fooled many HP fans into thinking that this was the leaked Book 7. The hunt for the Horcruxes begins. Harry has to decide who to trust as he moves closer to fulfilling his destiny. Will he be able to find and destroy all the Horcruxes? And at what price? Will he be able to find the strength within himself “the Power the Dark Lord Knows Not” in order to succeed in vanquishing Voldemort? And, can he do it and still get the girl? Join Harry and his faithful friends on their quest to finally defeat a Dark Lord.

3. Harry Potter and the Twist of Fate – bengpotter31: What if the fates let Harry’s parents live that night he got his scar, plus gave him a younger sister and become friends with the Weasleys, especially Ron earlier. What would be different?

4. Need – iluvfanfics: Their nightmares and demons bound them together. Their love helped them to survive. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley knew they needed each other; the trouble was in admitting it.


6. Great Expectations – CassandraCross: A weekend trip to the mysterious Rose Cottage leads to Ginny’s second pregnancy and Hermione’s first. Join the Potters and Weasleys as they take on “The Next Great Adventure” while they anticipate the births of Albus Potter and Rose Weasley.

7. The Letter – CassandraCross: Harry is so consumed with his career as an Auror that he loses touch with Ginny and their children until a letter arrives to help him remember what really matters. But is something sinister waiting out there to take it all away? An escape from Azkaban, the first in twenty years, stirs up Harry’s worst fears from the past as those he loves are threatened.

8. Seeking the Silver – hgfan1111:Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley are happy with their lives. They’re both successful and content with where they are going. Fate, however, has very different ideas. ‘How could someone you’d thought you’d never have these kinds of feelings for work their way so thoroughly into your life that you were beside yourself when they were gone?’

9. Learning to Fly – hgfan1111: Harry is nearly broken by casual, well-meant cruelty. It isn’t until he falls ill that he begins to find his way back home.

10. Bloke Night – hgfan1111: Ron and the other Weasley brothers are tired of Harry missing ‘Bloke Night’ so they’ve decided to do something about it.

11. The Best Mistake of my Life – black_dress (Work-in-Progress) It may have seemed like a mistake, but was it really all wrong? Or was Ginny just in a serious case of denial? AU Harry never went to Hogwarts and has never met the Weasleys. But what happens when he meets the youngest one? Even if the circumstances aren’t exactly ideal. Follow Ginny as she discovers a few things about herself, the person she is meant to be and the person she is meant to be with. Because I think, in whatever universe, Harry is meant for Ginny.

12. Protection -princesspotter:This is a story about love. Love that is new and love that is old and a love that threatens to destroy everything. In a post-Voldemort world, Harry is assigned to protect Ginny from a dangerous dark wizard who has singled her out. As their love grows, the line between good and evil begins to blur as finding the truth becomes a test of trust. Through AU and canon and everything in between, this is their journey.

13. Everthing written by lunalovepotter.

14. Easier to Be – a new fanfic by hgfan1111

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