Grand Launch of “All-in-One Marketing Services”, OMNI Channel Marketing Consultancy, Inc.

by - September 02, 2018

Are you passionate about your products and excited with its potential in the market? Are you one of those businesses who re lost as to who could be your ideal customer or how you’re going to market or sell your product? Whether you’re just starting or you want to expand your business and you want to do this with the help of a consultancy services, did you know that there is a new face of sales and marketing consultancy in the Philippines just for this? It’s OMNI Channel Marketing Consultancy, Inc.

OMNI offers an all-in-one sales and marketing services and delivers a well-thought-out strategy. This includes Franchise Consulting with Sales & Marketing Activation, Franchise Sales Management, Lease Sales Management, Franchise Development, PR & Event Sponsorship, Reputation Management, Digital Marketing + SEO, Social Media Marketing, Tri-Media for Mileages, TV/Radio Ads/Guesting, Feature/Article Write-Ups (Print/Bloggers).

Last August 28, 2018, OMNI celebrated its “Grand Launch” at the Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria. With the theme “All-in-One Marketing Services,” the event honor its partners that have been with them since the beginning, welcoming and acknowledging new business partners, and presenting the company’s capabilities to deliver outstanding services and its target businesses that need quality business services.

During the launch, OMNI Executive Angelica Castillo stressed that, “Partnering with OMNI Marketing, means partnering with 25-year experts in the field.”

So how does OMNI works?

OMNI ensures that the businesses are consistent across all platforms, by providing effective plan with clear and concise measures.

OMNI have vast networks and connections of media and key players’ expert to their fields. It deals with the heart of the business and merge both worlds to one.

OMNI evaluate first the businesses’ external and internal factor, including their products and services before engaging with the project. They make sure that our business partners shall be granted consultancy in optimum method.

OMNI recommends what is needed after the business is reviewed as they want to give clients the right advice for them to resolve the issues first, if there are any, and then offer what is the best for that business.

OMNI is trusted by its clients.

One of them is CEITEX, one of the leading consumer electronics and information technology expo in the country. Having entrusted their sales and marketing activities to OMNI Marketing, the company helps businesses to diversify on information and communication technology (ICT), including sales and marketing activation for brand awareness, franchise and lease sales management for growth, sustainability and profitability, and reputation management. They team up to form an experiential event in promoting technological advancement and multiple concepts.

According to its Angeles Holdings CEO & President Ric Angeles, CEITEX Manila 2018 will showcase different brands of gadgets and appliances. Those who will attend will get a chance to buy products at bargain prices. It will run on November 2-4, 2018 and the entrance is FREE.

Also, during the grand launch, OMNI introduced several unique franchising businesses that will also be part of CEITEX Manila 2018. Among them are Fetch, Send, Repair, GadFetcher (or Gadget Fetcher) which aim to break the stereotypical notion in the industry by offering franchise of cart/kiosk/pop-up stores of mobile phone, accessory, and repair services which serve honesty and integrity on handling customers’ electronic devices.

GadFetcher caters to A-D market and also sells mobile accessories and mobile phones with pick-up and delivery services.

OMNI is here to delivers real and honest marketing to the startups, companies or brands which thrive to earn attention, gain traction and sell in order to build and regain their momentum along the journey. When scuffling through peaks and valleys in growth, let the marketing company take charge, thus the business would stick around. To conclude, if the company has a clear and honest view of success together with its exceptional practices, that is a top-tier service.

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