Everything about Hotcake Ideas I've Learned at Maya Kitchen Hotcake Art

by - September 10, 2018

Everyone loves hotcakes for breakfast or any other time of the day. It is our go-to comfort breakfast and moreover, it is one of the come-ons we used for our children to eat their breakfast. Imagine digging into these delicious, golden brown pieces with lots of maple syrup and butter – yummy! But did you know that there is a multitude of creative ways to whip hotcakes up, and no one needs to be a master chef or an expert artist to do them?!

Last week my friends and I attended the Maya Kitchen Hotcake Art and it was the most fun event I attended, ever! A part of Maya Kitchen’s lifestyle classes, the Maya Kitchen Hotcake Art showcased the way to explore fresh and fun ways to cook hotcakes, how to plate and eat them, and all you need is the batter mixer bottle, fruits you like, hotcake shapers, food coloring and of course Maya Hotcakes because MAYA Hotcakes are wonderfully easy to make.

And just like how we enjoyed the clasess, let me share with you the 5 easy ways we learned on how you can start making #MayaHotcakeArt at home:

Drizzle on some chocolate syrup! While we love some good ol’ maple syrup, chocolate syrup or spread is dark and thick enough to draw designs with (and of course, adds a delicious flavor!). Use it to create fun patterns or doodle faces on the hotcakes!

Cut your hotcakes into fun shapes! This one doesn’t even require any effort. Simply use some cookie cutters to turn your hotcakes into stars, animals, and other shapes!

Get creative with toppings! Got some chocolate chips you can use as eyes? Or perhaps some whipped cream for a bushy wizard’s beard? Incorporate more sweet ingredients to add some flair to your #MayaHotcakeArt!

Fill a squeeze bottle with hotcake batter to make some amazing designs! This gives you more control over the shape and look of your hotcake so you (and even the kids!) can draw fun shapes on the pan.

Add some food coloring to your batter! With the magic of food coloring, you have virtually no limits to making your hotcake art as eye-popping as possible! Imagine what you can do with a squeeze bottle for every color in the rainbow!

Confident in your Hotcake Art creations just like me with this two works of mine? You can also join the #MayaHotcakeArt contest to show off your tasty designs. All you need to do is follow Maya Hotcakes and More on Facebook and Instagram and post a photo of your Hotcake Art with the hashtag #MayaHotcakeArt. Don’t forget to make sure that the post is public! Next, spread the fun of Hotcake Art by getting your friends to like, comment, and share the post!

You can send in your entries from September 1 to October 31, 2018. The September winner will be announced on October 7, while the October winner will be revealed on November 7. Submissions will be judged based on creativity, visual appeal, and social media engagement. 2 very lucky winners will score P20, 000 worth of Maya products and a free pass to one of Maya Kitchen’s lifestyle classes!

Why wait around then? Whip out your squeeze bottles and let the hotcake designing commence! Remember life is too boring With Maya, all cooking is happy cooking!

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