Bulacan’s Notable Stylist Gives Free Fashion Workshop at SM City Marilao

by - September 25, 2018

Philippines’ top designing institute School of Fashion (SoFA), welcomed shoppers to a day of free workshop on fashion and styling during Fash Clash event at SM City Marilao.

Delivered by SoFA’sseasoned stylist and Metro Magazine’s Fashion EditorRandzManucom, attendees had the rare opportunity of immersing themselves on fashion styling and self-improvement as Manucomtackled about finding personal identity through styling.

“SM City Marilao partnered with SoFA to create self-expression platforms and self-development opportunities” shares Assistant Mall Manager Drev Fiesta. “Because we live in a culture that constantly influence us to follow trends and buy clothes, Fash Clash will be a crash course on how to best present ourselves and how to make fashion trends wearable for everyday use” Fiesta added.

Because fashion styling is becoming more relevant, recognized and accepted as amedium for self-expression and individuality, Randz Manucom gave invitees tips on how to mix and match different colors and cuts as well as how to create vibrant and coveted outfits. He also featured thousands of outfit ideas, styles and fashion trends that shoppers could modernize and wear every day.

“Clothing style serves as mirror image to one’s personality. This is the reason why it is important to enhance it because it helps in opening doors of opportunities” says Stylist RandzManucom. 

Apart from fashion styling, Fash Clash also highlighted the basics of fashion photography using practical and experiential approach. It also provided a brief overview of runway experience and slew of work opportunities in the fashion industry.

Born and raised in Malolos, Bulacan; Metro Magazine’s Fashion Editor Randz Manucomis one of the sought after stylists in the country. Among his commendable styling portfolios are with Folded & Hung and the Japanese clothing brand, UNIQLO.

Fash Clash is part of SM City Marilao’s campaign to give exciting and unique retail experience as it becomes a gateway of information. It is also one of the many projects of the mall that aims to celebrate notable Bulakeños from different industries.

With the launch of Fash Clash, SM City Marilao hopes to inspire the next generation of fashion stylists, designers while making the province known not just for its rich cultural heritage but also as home to many talents.

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