The Mind Museum Unveils BASF Virtual Chemistry Table

by - August 26, 2018

Chemistry is one of my favorite subject’s way back in high school and college. There’s just something beautiful and magical when you observed elements create chemical reaction resulting to incredible materials. As one of the vanguards of Science and Technology, learning Chemistry especially at an early age and seeing how wondrous it is can be advantageous to our younger generation.

The Mind Museum, with sponsorship from BASF, the largest chemical producer/supplier in the world, recently unveiled the first ever Virtual Chemistry Lab, a touch table where kids and kids at heart learn in a fun way, how a single atom or molecule can be the difference between fire and fizzle.

During the unveiling, BASF Philippines managing director Ronald Mercado said that exposing the children early to science and technology can “increase the probability that more people are going into this discipline and finding new ways and solutions to problems we are facing right now.”

BASF is not new to this kind of endeavor, in fact, BASF through Kids Lab, a BASF project which celebrated its 20th year last 2017, offers simple and safe-for-kids experiments to children so that they are able to appreciate chemistry. It has been held in the Philippines for several years in partner schools in Laguna, near the BASF Agricultural Research Station.

Although we didn’t get try hands-on the touch table, we were taught the basics of it. Composed of substance disk, reacting disk, and tool disk, you can take a drag-and-drop approach to the elements. You can mix and match them and choose elements from a projected periodic table to see what happens with the combination. You can also start over and over again or throw new elements into the mix. What more, the table can also suggest combinations you might want to try, without fear of explosion or any harmful reaction one might expect when you’re in a real chemistry lab.

The Virtual Chemistry Lab, the first in this part of the world, was secured through the South African-based Formula D Interactive. The company is involved in exhibits and with the help of its scientists and engineers where they use virtual reality, augmented reality, and infrared technology in exhibit spaces.

The Mind Museum hope that museum visitors will enjoy performing digital science experiments that is safe and fun for everyone. So come down and visit The Mind Museum and try the Virtual Chemistry Table.

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