The Great TIDE Reveal: Alex Gonzaga and Melai Cantiveros’ trending OOTD finally reveals who’s wearing bagong bili o bagong laba in a Fashion Walk-Off

by - August 03, 2018

For the past few days, the social media world is abuzzed with Alex Gonzaga and Melai Cantiveros TVC where the two bumped into each other, and lo and behold, they are wearing exactly the same outfit! For showbiz stars like them, it’s considered a worst thing when you are wearing your nicest OOTD and the others wore the exact same thing, you might wonder who actually wore it better. But since these two ladies are not going to settle the score just like that, they both asked the bigger, more interesting question—are the outfits bagong bili or bagong laba?

It was indeed confusing, and as the question goes viral, fellow momshies weighed in and argued whether their idol’s outfits was bagong bili or bagong laba. But even as the arguments rocked social media, no one could figure out the answer as both the outfits of Alex Gonzaga and Melai Cantiveros looked like new.

To solve this great mystery once and for all, Tide hosted “Bagong Bili o Bagong Laba Fashion Walk-Off,” last July 31 at White Space, Makati. It was an interactive fashion show where excited guests took part in a game, along with their banner, that proved how brand-new whites look no different from clothes washed with Tide.

The Fashion walk-off were led by Luis Manzano and the Solomon brothers as well as celebrity kids Awra Briguela and Mela Francisco. Models who represent students and workers of our society also strutted to confuse the crowd even more. The grand walk-off were done by Alex and Melai, to the delight of the crowd as they posed and strut before the crowd. The two were egging the audience to make their best guess - “Bagong Bili or Bagong Laba?”.

With audience participation, the show was made livelier especially when the grand reveal happened. The models finally removed their tags to see who wore the bagong laba and the bagong bili outfits. It was quite astounding since there was really no difference in the whiteness of the clothes that the models wore.

After the walk-off, Alex, whose bagong laba clothes definitely look brand new, confided, “Sobrang nagulat ako sa fact na ako pala may suot ng bagong laba! As in wow, nakakagulat talaga kasi for me, feeling ko bagong bili suot ko! Totoo talaga na sa isang laba, mukhang bago, kapag Tide.”

On Melai’s part, who turns out to have been wearing the brand new outfit, she added that, “Amazing ang whitening powers ng Tide. From now on, hindi na talaga kailangan bumili parati ng bagong damit para mag mukhang bongga ang outfits mo. With Tide, para ka na ring nakasuot ng bago.”

Just like everyone in the audience, it’s hard to tell the difference between bagong bili and bagong laba with Tide. 

“We know how important it is for Filipinos to have the best-looking uniforms and everyday wear, but we also know that with repeated use, clothes usually look dingy. That’s why we’re delighted to present Tide, which in one wash, keeps clothes looking like new.” ends Procter & Gamble’s Country Marketing Manager for Laundry, Jonn Terence Dy.

With its great cleaning power that removes dirt while brightening whites, your OOTDs can still have that “looks like new” look even after repeated usage, getting that surprising wow from everyone.

Sa Tide,  sa isang laba, mukhang bago!

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