Highlights of BDJ Rendezvous: Declutter your Life

by - August 20, 2018

“What do you find difficult to do when you declutter? Are there things that you never use but can’t let go? Or What daily items are inside your bag, and how do you keep your bag organized?” Armed with these questions, I’m quite ready to learn more about decluttering as Viviamo Inc. hold another BDJ Rendezvous about Declutter your Life last July 28, 2018 at the SM Light Mall.

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Four speakers were invited to the BDJ Rendezvous and they are:

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Ms. Patricia Tancongco who talked about how to "Dig Deep and Let Go With.

Ms. Renelyn Tan-Castillejos who taught us how to Declutter like a Guru!

Ms. Phoebe Blas who taught us how to "Make the Switch."

Mr. Miqo Dionisio, a Sound Healer and Managing Partner at I Am Healing Space.  He taught us how to "Clear It All Out"

Decluttering is not just a chore, but a form of self-care.

On the first talk, Patricia Tancongco, Organizing Consultant and Founder of Aliwalas Ph talked about decluttering and what it really is. She said that decluttering affects us in many levels. Decluttering is not simply throwing things away or cleaning your house or hiding the clutters. Decluttering is not also organizing your clutter. In decluttering, you have to dig deep and let go with things and keeping those that makes you happy and healthy. In short, discard those that already have no value to you or things that no longer adds value to your life.

As she goes on with her talk, her question, "how can we stay committed and motivated in the midst of decluttering our lives? made me sit up straight in my seat. As a simple hoarder, I really find it hard to throw things away. Thankfully she gave these three reasons to follow why you need to declutter: 1. Discover your why, 2. find your personal purpose in decluttering (what struck me most is her question how will decluttering change your home, your daily life, and you as a person?), and lastly, 3. express your why and be creative.

Tidy up in a way that will spark joy in your life and change it forever

The second talk is about Declutter like a Guru where Ms. Renelyn Tan-Castillejos, a KonMari Consultant and In-Training, and a TV and Event Host talked about Konmari and how it can make you Declutter like a Guru.

This is the first time I will be hearing about KonMari Method and I really find it fascinating during the course of the talk. Imagine cleaning in a way that will spark joy in your life! She talked about certain rules to follow while decluttering the KonMari Way and that there’s a basic rule of tidying to follow according the advocate of KonMari Method, Ms. Marie Kando.

Marie Kondo’s Basic Rules of Tidying includes committing yourself to tidying up; imagine your ideal lifestyle; declutter things first with Clothes then Books, after that with Papers and Miscellaneous Items and lastly you can declutter the Sentimental Items. And as you declutter each item, ask yourself if this thing sparks joy in your life. Then things will be a little easier after this.

This the most important and what you should remember - storing comes last so DO NOT BUY storage items from the beginning.

Refuse. Reduce. Reuse. Repair.

The nest talk is simple but succinct and the one that I will always remember. The speaker Phoebe Blas taught us how to Make the Switch and simply just follow these basic rules: Refuse. Reduce. Reuse. Repair.

With all the things we have in our home and how its overtaking us, there are times we just want to throw all these things away and just be a minimalist. But we need not resort to this, thankfully. We can just make things out of a thing, if you cannot really make yourself discard some things and turn it into an item that we can always use.

I am worthy of all the good things in life.

The last speaker was Mr. Miqo Dionisio, I Am healing Spaces’ Sound Healer and Managing Partner. Did you know that you can do sound meditation and it can help us in decluttering? He believes that before eliminating the clutter in our physical space, we must first clear the clutter in our mind. Which I find very fitting to me because I’ve always observed that when I think a lot about concerns or worry about something, my space tend to have full of clutters.

This BDJ Rendezvous is one of my favorite so far and I hope we can attend more of this kind of workshop in the future.

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