Brillante Mendoza Film Festival at SM City Taytay

by - August 25, 2018

Students from Taytay Senior High School, University of Rizal System – Angono, University of Rizal System – Taytay, University of Rizal System – Cainta, College of Arts and Sciences of Asia and the Pacific – Taytay, Dolores Elementary School, Muzon Elementary School, Pamahalaang Barangay Dolores - Taytay, Rizal, Pamahalaang Barangay San Isidro - Taytay, Rizal, Pamahalaang Barangay San Juan - Taytay, Rizal and Regional Lead School for the Arts flocked to SM City Taytay for the Brillante Mendoza Film Festival which aimed to redefine cinema to the new generation with Director Brillante Mendoza’s knowledge and experience in filmmaking.

At the film festival, two movies helm by Internationally-acclaimed Director Brillante Mendoza which is Panata and Kadaugan were shown to the very enthusiastic students. These two are part of the cultural movies that Mendoza made for TV5,

Afterwards, Director Brillante Mendoza gave his view in Film Making and discussed the behind the scenes footages of the movies that were shown explaining that for each movie is a backdrop of our country’s famous festival - Marinduque’s colorful Moriones Festival for Panata and Kadaugan sa Mactan Festival in Cebu. One of the interesting facts shared by Director Mendoza during the Q and A is about the movie “Kadaugan” which script is written entirely in Filipino but was filmed in Cebuano. He also said that he employed an entire Cebuano staff for this movie.

Director Mendoza also gave pointers on the comprehensive aspects of film-making as asked by the students which includes his views on film direction, screenplay, cinematography and production design. Mendoza is also known for his advocacies and incorporating social issues in all his films which he does to encourage the probing and critical thinking skills of the movie-goers.

The Brillante Mendoza Film Festival is a joint project of Centerstage Productions and SM City Taytay.

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