The 4 Wonders of Casual Dating

by - July 22, 2018

One time I had a long chat with a friend on love and relationship. On my part, I gave up on dating and finding love a long time ago. Well, it seems like a long time ago, I reckon love will come even if I don’t look for it. But on my friend’s part, love and relationship is everything to her. I envy her sometimes because she’s the type of person who’s always in a relationship and is even successful on finding lots of dates via adult dating sites although once she meets the one she really like she forget all about the others who wants to meet her.

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For her being in a relationship is being in love and there’s nothing casual about it. But lately she’s bemoaning why any of her relationship is a failure in the end. I bluntly told her it’s because she always gave her all for it and that’s kind of scary for a guy. Then I suggested she should try casual dating for a change then maybe she wouldn’t feel too much pressure in finding the One.

Afterwards, she seems to be successful in casual dating and she’s even dishing out its advantages and how wonderful it is. And wouldn’t you know it, there is someone she is constantly dating now and it seem to be headed to the altar.

Here are the four things she realized when she decided to try casual dating:

Casual dating is not all about you.

Turning to adult dating sites and sex dating sites on her first foray to casual dating, she realized, over many casual dates, that even with a good profile attach to her name, she is not a perfect match to every other members. But it’s fine with her, unlike in the past when she tends to overthink about a date thus ended up overdoing everything.

There’s always someone better out there

Casual dating gives you the realization that there is always someone better out there. By seeing not just only one person, you can explore and even let your dates know what you want and that you’re open to possibilities. There is no exclusivity involve and you’re just seeing where things go.

Casual dating lets you enjoy the chase

If you’re into finding dates thru adult dating sites, you know that the people you meet there are the ones you are genuinely interested in based in their profile. You may or may not click when you meet but since both of you are old and broad-minded enough, you can just simply enjoy the date and of course, the chase without the guilt and worry whether or not you are liked.

Casual Dating Gives you the chance to meet people not your ‘type’

Sometimes the people you are drawn too are people who aren’t ready to be emotionally involved the way you want too. But you still keep finding yourself emotionally entangled with that person because he is your type, not seeing that the relationship is doomed from the start. With casual dating, you can meet more diverse people. Allow yourself to be open-minded and see that with many choices, you can find the right guy for you.

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