SM City Marikina Launches Week-long Celebration of Pedal Faculty 2018: Bikecation and Fun Ride

by - July 19, 2018

Biking as a hobby or as an activity to promote health benefits has been lauded for many years now and this is part of the goal of Pedal Faculty, a campaign that first started in 2017.

As part as part of SM’s 60th Anniversary Celebration, SM City Marikina, in partnership with the City Government of Marikina, the Marikina Bikeways Office and Tambikers Marikina is hosting the Pedal Faculty 2018: Bikecation and Fun Ride which will run from July 16 – 22, 2018. The grand launch was held last July 16, 2018 and was led by the Vice Mayor of City government VM Cadiz and other special guests from the Biking community.

For its 2nd year, the event will feature a rare display of historic and emerging trends of 60 bicycle units in plain sight of the SM City Marikina Atrium. The Exhibit Area put on display bikes that will surely catch your attention even if you’re not a bike enthusiast. Be in awe of bikes coming from every decade or classic bikes like the Iver Johnson Truss Bridge 28 Roadster. Or a bike owned by a Japanese General from WWII. Another on display is the Hi-Wheeler Rideable Bike which is the first machine to be called a bicycle and is popular during the 1880s. And would you believe, there’s also 100-year-old bike on displayed at the venue? You need to visit SM City Marikina to see what bikes I'm talking about.

Come Sunday, July 22, 2018, SM City Marikina will host the second edition of the Pedal Faculty Bike Ride where it will gather bikers across the city and nearby cities to culminate its week-long celebration.

The Pedal Faculty 2018 campaign aims to promote bicycle safety and health benefits of cycling and to achieve the greater use of bicycles as the most energy efficient urban transport mode with a high potential to reduce energy consumption.

SM City Marikina is also holding a Facebook contest in connection with Pedal Faculty. Dubbed as Roll Models, joiners will only have to strike a pose with their bike and upload it to their IG account. Find more details HERE.

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