#AlwaysChooseAjiSeasonings Blog-Your-Recipe Contest: Meatless Korean Toast with Pinoy Twist

by - July 06, 2018

When I was in Seoul for a week I become addicted to many of their street foods and one of them is the Korean egg toast or the gilgeori toast. I had it every morning since there’s a stall near the hotel where I’m billeted. And watching Suits Korean drama reminded of that popular go-to breakfast meal and I had this simple idea of making this as my entry to the #AlwaysChooseAjiSeasonings Blog-Your-Recipe Contest.

Ever since I can remember Ajinomoto products is a staple in our kitchen. It’s the most popular brand in the Philippines and I know every Pinoy household uses this.

With my recipe I decided to use the Aji-GINISA All Purpose Seasoning Mix because it pairs nicely with vegetables, well in every dish  we use Aji Seasonings judging by its constant presence in our kitchen.

I put some twist the known Korean Toast by adding Mustasa because it’s my favorite vegetable.

So, here’s my recipe entry to the contest.

Meatless Korean Toast with Pinoy Twist
(Good for one serving)


Butter (optional)
Shredded Cabbage
Potatoes, julienned
Mustasa leaves, chiffonade
One egg, beaten
2 pcs of white bread, toasted (you can use any variants of sliced bread)
Aji-GINISA All Purpose Seasoning Mix

A little bit of oil or sesame oil for sautéing

Prepare all the ingredients

Toast your bread in a pan or bread toaster. Spreading the butter is optional

In a pan, put a little bit of oil or if you want it to be more savory, use sesame oil and sautee together the shredded cabbage, julienned potatoes and chiffonade mustasa.

Sprinkle Aji GINISA All Purpose Seasoning Mix.

Pour over the beaten egg and shaped it into square.

In a plate, arrange the bread. Topped it with the cooked vegetables. Placed the cheese on top. Sprinkle sugar again.

After, you can toast it again in a pan and sprinkle sugar on top of the bread.

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