ALL 4U Unlimited Grill and Shabu-Shabu is Now at SM City Masinag

by - July 31, 2018

Watching all those Korean dramas has made many Pinoy crave for those Korean foods they’ve seen all the time. Although the idea of Shabu-Shabu has been in the pinoy dining scene for many years now, unlimited grill is a concept that only few have enjoyed in the past. But with the mushrooming of unlimited grill and shabu-shabu places in the metro.

One of the hottest unlimited grill and shabu-shabu place right now is the ALL 4U Unlimited Grill and Shabu-Shabu.  All 4U is a Korean hotpot buffet restaurant where foodies can enjoy, to their heart’s content unlimited grill and shabu-shabu.

Recently, ALL 4U Unlimited Grill and Shabu-Shabu opened its 8th branch at SM City Masinag. With a more spacious dining area and accommodating staff, diners can enjoy what All 4U is very famous for right now. We have the opportunity to eat at All 4U and see what the fuss is all about.

As we waited for the grill to heat, the server placed all the beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, fishcakes, noodles, lettuce for the wraps, rice and drinks in our table.

The shabu-shabu already has the veggies and meat in the broth and all we did is place more fishcakes or beef into it.

There are dipping sauces as well as the side dish like the kimchi, and small salad.

What I love about ALL 4U Unlimited Grill and Shabu-Shabu is the very attentive servers who knows exactly when to restock and how the beef and pork belly are perfectly sliced thinly with just the right amount of fat. 

Overall, our experience at ALL 4U Unlimited Grill and Shabu-Shabu is daebak! It is indeed amazing. We finished our lunch with our stomachs about to burst open. We will surely come back here. So, if you want to enjoy unlimited grill and shabu-shabu or just want to celebrate with friends or families then All 4U is definitely the IT place.

This Unlimited Grill and Shabu Shabu is only Php 699 per head.

ALL 4U Unlimited Grill and Shabu-Shabu is located at the 2nd Floor of SM City Masinag.

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