State-of-the-Art FastCat for FerrySafe, FerryFast and FerryConvenient RORO Travel

by - June 23, 2018

The standard-setter in the ferry transportation business, the Archipelago Philippine Ferries Corporation continues to operate its largest fleet of internationalIy-classed catamaran Roll-On RolI-Off passenger and rolling cargo ferries in the country thru its Fast Cat. Staying true to its core values of being Focused, Accountable, Safety conscious, Team player. Committed, Attentive to customer expectations and to be a Trendsetter, FastCat added two brand new vessels to serve more routes to Filipinos.

FastCat is raising the bar high in the shipping industry making inter-island connectivity more accessible to its passengers through modernization. They are changing the game as they keep on providing better service to the Filipinos, firmly believing that they deserve no less than the best. The betterment of FastCat’s services and addition of more vessels and routes are still their utmost priority for the next years to come.

During our tour of the vessel which is part of the Batangas: The Nearest Perfect Destination tour held last June 19, 2018, featuring the alliance of JAM Liner, Philtranco and FastCat for seamless travel through land and sea, we saw the new addition to their roster which feature improved version of FastCat’s signature comfort, reliability and safety thru the following:

Its Car Deck can hold 34 cars and 7 trucks/buses.

In case of emergency, FastCat has the Roll On-Roll off Ramp and Rescue Boats.

Elevator for people with disabilities (PWD).

Snack Bar with a wide selection of food and beverages.

The passenger section of the FastCat is divided to three classes; Business Class which is fully airconditioned, with an LCD TV and can accommodate up to 63 passengers, the Premium Economy can accommodate 105 passengers and is fully airconditioned and equipped with 2 LCD TV, the Economy Class is an open area and can accommodate up to 107 passengers. All sections have individual life vests and the vessel have inflatable liferafts that can accommodate 396 persons.

Me at the Business Class

Premium Economy Class


We also visited their engine room which is equipped with four internationally-classed and ABS certified Yanmar engines. 

The best part is seeing the Bridge which runs the latest state-of-the-art navigation and communication systems.

Of course, we also met their professionally trained crew and staff who will provide ultimate customer experience.

With FastCat’s new routes and its alliance with JAM Liner and Philtranco bus lines, travelling in the Philippines has become more convenient like never before. With their aim of serving more customers, FastCat having a fleet of modern ships, together with plans to expand to up to 30 ships by 2020. FastCat is the first-ever RORO operation offering state-of-the-art and brand-new vessels.

With FastCat, it’s FerrySafe, FerryFast and FerryConevenient.

For more information, visit its website at or its FB page

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