Siren Review: A Very Promising Mermaid Series

by - June 04, 2018

Weaned on folklore at an early age, I love listening and reading to stories about vampires, witches, dwarves, and mermaids. I find them so interesting that in a little corner of my mind, I believe them to be true. Watching all the movie and TV versions of the Pinay Mermaid Dyesebel is fun, as well as seeing Splash and Aquamarine among others. But the closest I get to witnessing a true Mermaid story is seeing the Lorelei up close during the Rhine River boat tour when I was in Germany. Hearing a story about Mermaid luring seafarers with their song is so fascinating.

But what we know about this folklore creature is about to change with television’s most anticipated new fantasy-thriller series – Siren. This series is based on a story by Eric Wald and Dean.

Being one of the lucky few who got invited by Blue Ant Entertainment to have an exclusive first look last May 23, 2018 at MyCinema, Greenbelt 3, I must say that this newest take on mermaid is unlike any we’ve seen before. During the first two episodes of Siren, it does a fantastic job of getting me, and of course, several of my friends who were with me, to fall for this newest series. 

With our eyes riveted to the screen, (Spoiler Alert…), we watched the series unfolded with the capture of a mermaid as a storm is raging at the sea. From there, the story goes on and we were brought to the coastal town Bristol Cove on the Pacific Northwest, once believed to be the home to mermaids.

Folklore proves more than fiction when a mysterious young woman who calls herself Ryn (Eline Powell) suddenly appears one night. The strange visitor soon catches the interests of local marine biologist Ben Pownell (Alex Roe). Together, along with Ben’s fellow marine biologist Maddie Bishop (Fola Evans-Akingbola), deep-sea fisherman Xander McClure (Ian Verdun), town eccentric and folklore expert Helen Hawkins (Rena Owen), and another mysterious woman who calls herself Donna (Sibongile Mlambo) unravel tensions between the denizens of land and sea as predatory mermaids seek to claim their birth-right.

My thoughts after the two-hour special screening? I love this new series! Siren has characters that for sure, we will come to love and the plot is new and show lots of potential. Word of caution – just forget what you know about mermaid and be open to the possibilities of this new wonderful fantasy-thriller series. It’s about time for this new kind of mermaid story.

Be sure to catch the two-hour special premiere of Siren on Monday, 4 June, at 9:45 P.M.(8:45 P.M. JKT/BKK) first and exclusive on Blue Ant Entertainment.

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