Live worry free: The Advantages of Family Protect Plans

by - June 18, 2018

No matter who you are and where you are, family is the most important thing in this world. I remember the very first drawing I did when I was five and it was a drawing of stick people composed of my family – my father, my mother and my little brother. For us Filipinos, family is life and family are our life. We always have in mind their protection and well-being. We can’t function well if something happens to them especially if it concerns their health, it plays havoc with our peace of mind. But how can we make sure that we can protect our loved ones and have a peace of mind knowing they are indeed protected.

The past few years have seen the rise of insurance in our country. One of the key financial means to protect us from future incidences, buying insurance coverage especially on health for the family is by far considered an investment.

Recognizing the values of family and their well-being; RCBC Bankard with Malayan insurance, the consistent number one non-life insurer in the country, introduces health plans whose coverage is extended to the family.

Depending on your specific needs and those of your family members, RCBC and Malayan thru the Yuchengco Group of Companies Services Inc. (YGC-CSI) offers different Health Protection Plans to your advantage. It includes Malayan Family Protect Elite, Malayan Family Protect Max, Malayan Insurance Family Protect Plus, Hospital Cash Plan, Family Shield, and Card For Life. Benefits such as cash are given for hospital confinement and there is additional for ICU coverage. Hospital expenses are reimbursable and beneficiary can receive cash for accidental deaths, critical care, accidental death, disability and/or dismemberment.
Moreover, Malayan is familiar with the importance of paying your claims in a timely and efficient fashion, be it on your hospitalization and other health care services availed. By submitting your claim electronically, you can be assured of getting paid fast.

The Malayan Insurance Family Protect product line echoes the pioneering spirit of Malayan in providing products that truly cater to the Filipinos love for their families. Insurance is an investment that is forward-looking. It is a necessity. We do not hold the future but we can be wise in anticipating it and protecting the health, wealth and well-being of those we love.

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