Household Chores is #BetterWithBubbleMan

by - June 12, 2018

Did you know that Bubble Man Dishwasing Liquid is not only for washing dishes and other kitchen utensils? I discovered them when my youngest brother, who was always keen in doing chores around the house was asking for a liquid soap to clean our walls. Not finding any, he grabbed the bottle of Bubble Man which is displayed prominently in our kitchen sink.

After half an hour so, I find him cleaning the walls outside the house with my nephew and happily told me that Bubble Man easily cleans the wall.

We’ve been using Bubble Man for months now and we love it because it smells amazing and is soft to the hands. What more it is not only a very effective cleaning product for dishes and kitchen utensils, it can also be used to clean walls or windows as my brother found out. He said that in the coming days, he will try Bubble Man to clean his motorcyles! Truly, it is #BetterWithBubbleman.

Bubble Man is a highly efficient, economical, environment friendly, and Philippine-made Dishwashing Liquid that promises to make cleaning easier and more fun for the entire family.

photo by roselle carlos-toledo

Bubble Man is available at all leading groceries & supermarkets nationwide. It comes in three variants; Anttibacterial, Kalamansi and Lemon.

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