Food Park Alert: Cascades Lifestyle Park at Tomas Morato QC

by - June 30, 2018

The Food Park Culture has exploded in the metro and to a discerning foodie like me who has eaten and drunk my fair share of what food parks had to offer, you can entice me not only with pleasant food and fair prices but with every option a food park has to offer.

So, when my friends and I went to Cascades Lifestyle Park, I was immediately impressed because unlike every food park we’ve been, its European concept makes the place Instagram-worthy.

What more, Cascades gives off that relaxing and romantic vibes and the food choices as I looked around seems exceptional. There are different stations for Chinese food, Korean samgyupsal, dessert drinks, pizza, and get this – lechon, steak and wines!

The strong rain didn’t stop us from sampling the food and drinks from the following vendors:


To many Pinoy, Lechon is a sinful and irresistible treat and if you’re craving for one while at Cascades, you can find this incredibly flavorful lechon from Bacolod and enjoy your meals. What sets Sabroso Lechon apart from the other Lechon is that it comes from free-range native pigs cooked with stuffed herbs. At Sabroso, the lechon is kept warm and fragrant upon order and just cooked for your satisfaction. Whether you enjoy it as a meal or sort of a bar chow, you can be assured of the delicious goodness of Sabroso with no guilt feeling at all as you eat.

Sabroso also serves Filipino favorites like Dinuguan, Bopis, Sisig, Lechon Paksiw, Lechon Flakes.

You can also order their Lechon at per kilo with prices ranging from 250 to 990 pesos.


Shou offers authentic Chinese hand-pulled noodles, dim sum, and rice toppings made with their very own secret recipe. The Siopao and the Siomai is a must-order items. What more you can watch how your noodles is being prepared right in front of you and see the rhythmic cadence of noodles being pulled and rolled.


If you’re into Korean food like many Pinoys who goes crazy over them then satisfy your cravings at Samgyupsal King. They offer affordable Korean Unli BBQ among others. The meat is marinated with authentic Korean spices and the generous amount of side dishes is available for your enjoyment.

At Samgyupsal King, there is more meat and less fats for that healthier sampyupsal.


If you’re a Fruitas-lover then you can experience Fruitas, Buko ni Fruitas, Black Pearl and Fruitas Ice Candy all in one venue at the House of Desserts.

This is the place where the whole family can enjoy fresh fruit shakes, buko desserts, yummy and gummy sago shakes and ice candy treats.

As for me, I super love their Tagaytay 7,107 Halo-Halo Islands! But I think, you should try all of them. The Halo-Halo Islands features the halo-halo of Cebu, Bicol, Boracay, Davao, La Union, Pampanga, GenSan and Baguio.


The Pub offers a variety of alcoholic beverages from local to imported beers to its very own Crafted Cocktails. They also serve fresh Lemonadé, fresh fruit juices, shakes and smoothies.


Craving for steak? LA Steak House serves the best value and flavorful charredgnned meats -beef, pork and flsh.


Love chicken wings in many flavors? You come to the right place. Chickenini has the best flavored wings.


Every now and then we need to unwind and drinking wines or cocktails helps. At UVA they offer wine and cocktails you can truly enjoy. What more you don’t need to buy the whole bottle since UVA serves wine per glass. Enjoy this with cheese


Munifico! A lip-smacking word, particularly an Italian word which means "generous or bountiful.” And this is what Munifico Pizzeria is all about as they offer bountiful food choices from their bestselling handtossed brick oven Pizza as well as other signature dishes like Spaghetti and Fettuccine Pasta; Roasted and Fried Chicken.


Do you love grilled meat or BBQs and your not really that partial to just one type of BBQ. At Heat Stroke Grill, they will let you create your own great BBQs. All you need to do is choose and they will cook it for you and get grilled. Awesome!

What I particularly love about Cascades is the atmosphere and the ambiance and how it is arranged to make the place doesn’t have that feel of being overcrowded. The fountain at the center and the mini bridge provide a romantic background.

The cool breeze coming from the rain whets our appetite for more and we greatly enjoyed all the foods we sampled and tasted. At Cascades, as we found out, there’s a little bit of everything to be had. The organizer of Cascades somewhat deserves a pat on the back for a good job in setting the food park for that quality ambiance and picking the best choices for their list of vendors.

Starting June 22, Cascades Lifestyle Foodpark is holding a Selfie Contest where you can win food gift cards. All you have to do is follow the mechanics:

Take a photo of yourself while visiting Cascades Lifestyle Park. Be creative as you can.

Make sure to set your post on PUBLIC before uploading it on your timeline.

In the caption, tell us your experience while visiting Cascades Lifestyle Park and include the official hashtag #ImInCASCADES

Submission of photo entries is until July 20, 2018 (FRIDAY) only

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