SM City Marikina's Summer Mess Fest is Dirty, Filthy and Fun!

by - May 07, 2018

Halfway past through the summer and the heat intensifies as SM City Marikina hold the slimiest, gooiest, messiest fun-filled weekend last May 5 and 6! Dubbed the Summer Mess Fest, it was the ultimate PLAY for the entire family as they embrace the mess for two hours and played with water and colors.

During the two-day mess run, children and adults alike who registered by simply presenting P1,000 worth of receipt from any establishment of SM City Marikina, enjoyed the messy play. Even adults who have no intention to get messy just decided to enjoy the messy activities after being doused and splashed with water and they decided it was indeed fun.

Almost everyone gets to enjoy SPLISHING and SPLASHING in foam or being water gunned with colourful water. Some got pie faced with gooey things and the brave ones SLIP 'N SLIDE with colors in the giant Messy SLIDE of Fun. It was so popular that there’s always a long line in front of it.

For the creative ones, they get to enjoy the kinetic sand or splatting their hands with paints on the art wall. Also popular is taking your selfies or groufies while the bubble maker throws hundred of bubbles for that magical bubble-filled photos.

It was indeed one messy weekend at SM City Marikina and several children doesn’t want it to end and even cried just to be left behind and stay inside.

Next weekend, May 12, the Summer Mess Fest will be in SM City San Mateo. So, get ready and simply present P1,000 worth of receipt from any establishment of SM City San Mateo to register.

After the messy activities, we head on to Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken and stuffed ourselves with their popular dish on the menu. Always, their customized sauces are the best in town!

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