Pilipinas MindGuru Specialist School Launches their Summer Programs

by - May 09, 2018

Using extra sensory perception in the field of study and school works has been done in other countries and it is one of the things I have been interested in the past. Here in the Philippines there is a specialty center that specifically offers workshop for sensory enhancement and that is the Pilippinas MindGuru Specialist Inc.

Last May 5, 2018, I am honored to have been invited in an intimate Bloggers Day that was held in the office of Pilippinas MindGuru Specialist Inc., conveniently located at the3rd Floor of the AA Building in Scout Borromeo Street, Brgy. South Triangle, Q.C. which was also attended by more than 30 Mom’s and Guests. Since I was super excited, I came in early and was fascinated by the videos of students showcasing what they have learned at MindGuru.

At the event, Executives from the Company discussed how the concept of MindGuru came about and what their vision is in the coming future. Ms. Lot Nanong, Executive Director of MindGuru Inc. amiably welcomed us and briefed us about their Programs and Summer Offerings.

In the past, I have been a student of beyond normal research on extra sensory perception and the likes thru self-study. I learned that we only used a portion of our brain more like ten percent or more. And can you imagine the breakthroughs we could have if we could use more of our brains?

This is the concept that MindGuru wants to explore. With their top programs and packages on REP and SEP which was short for the Retention Enhancement Program and Sensory Enhancement Program respectively, they hope to foster and enhance further the mind’s natural ability to process and recall information. As proven by their students who have gone thru the workshop, many were delighted especially the parents seeing their children demonstrate better performance at school and increased recall of the lessons they learned in the classroom.

Furthermore, their workshops can also be beneficial for adults who want to be calmer and more competitive in their upcoming board exams which they would be undertaking, as the workshops enhances the recall and improves the perception of their surroundings.

My favorite part during the blogger’s day is that we were treated to a sample workshop session. This give us a general preview of how the classes were conducted at MindGuru and we all enjoyed it. Too bad, we didn’t try one of their offerings.

If you have questions regarding the programs and other product offerings of Pilipinas MindGuru feel free to check out their newly launched Website at: http://mindguru.ph
Pilipinas MindGuru
Address : AA Building 3rd Floor #37 Scout Borromeo St.Brgy. South Triangle Q.C.
Mobile: 0917-8102895
Landline: 02-5348113

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