Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2018: The Final Round: All About Sylver Sy

by - May 09, 2018

It's the final round of the Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2018. Over the past few weeks, the candidates went through a series of activities and in the end only ten remain to battle it out for the final round. Social media have played a big part in this pageant and we get to know more about the candidates. This year I am rooting for Candidate  #14 Sylvester Sy (Sylver Sy) aka #akoSYmrRight.

Sylver finished Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information System at Centro Escolar University in Manila. During his academic years, he has been an epitome of what a servant leader is. He was very active engaging into various extracurricular activities and served as an officer in different organizations.

He explored his interests and passion at a young age. His curiosity, imagination and creativity led him to discover his knack for photography, fashion, travel, and now blogging. He honed his craft in photography wherein, as an artist, he gets inspired by everything that surrounds him. He loves to capture each memory by drawing out the different personalities of an individual and tell that story to the world. It led him to the colorful fashion scene where he collaborated with like-minded artists and created an exceptional portfolio. That world gave him a string of opportunities and discover his interest for blogging.

As a creative and a blogger, Sylver is focused on inspiring other Millennials to look into the more productive and responsible facets of social media, while sharing his latest scoops and life adventures. He believes this intent is far reaching, and would create more impact when he becomes MCCPs Online Ambassador.

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