Food Crawl at SM City Taytay

by - May 09, 2018

These days, people go to the mall not only to shop but to experience dining in a new level. Take the case of people who frequent SM City Taytay, the premier shopping destination and the first SM mall in Rizal, its two buildings and the new SM BPO is a haven of shopping, entertainment and dining options.

As for me, each time I return to SM City Taytay, something new always catches me by surprise like last Friday when we have the opportunity to look for the best places to eat inside the mall and the nearby SM BPO. Our feet took us to Spicy Elements, Jin-Zai Takoyaki and Big Daddy’s Burgers and Wings.


While it was searing hot outside because of the weather, we were enjoying the foods at Spicy Elements. The restaurants serve Bicolano cuisine at its finest.  They served us their 5 popular dishes and I quite agree with their selection.

We started off with their Grilled Prawn Caezar Salad. I love how the salad dressing greatly complement the shrimp and the vegetables. I do not normally eat salad but when I tasted the salad mixed with the dressing, it tastes quite good.

Grilled Prawn Caezar Salad Php225

For me, the super must try is their Paella Negra which is a super meal in itself and one I can’t stop eating. You have to try it to know what I mean!

Paella Negra 475

Other dishes include Ribs Solo which is one of their signature dishes. The ribs are so tender and a perfect match with rice. Surprising is their Four Cheese and Mango Pizza. The combination of cheeses and dried mango is unbelievably yummy. Those cheesy flavors with a hint of sweetness from the mango just exploded in my mouth!

Of course, you shouldn’t leave Spicy Elements without trying their Crispy Pata. The collagen goodness of this meat is so yummy and yes you must restrain yourself after taking your first bite or you might consume half of it in just one sitting. That’s how delicious it is and not to mention the stuffing inside which added more to its yumminess.

Spicy Elements is located at the new SM BPO.


If you think you know all about Takoyaki then you’re in for a big surprise. I didn’t know there are other varieties of it, normally we only know one or two. But at Jin-Zai, Takoyaki is a big business. If the constant arrival of people at Jin-Zai is an indication then Jin-Zai knows the secret to delicious Takoyakis.

Honestly, I don’t eat anything with octopus in a dish, a pet peeve I had since I was a child. So Takoyaki is just something fun to watch as it cooks, being deftly turned and rolled while waiting for my friends to have theirs. Always wondering what it tastes like.

So, it’s the first time I had a Takoyaki, no, its not the Big Tako of Jin-zai which my friends love eating… Jinzai-Zai have Tako Dog and Cheesy Bacon Tako and I absolutely love it!

Jin-Zai have twenty variants of Tako in their arsenal and these are the five we’ve had:

Big Tako had a chunk of big octopus in it. It is served with Japanese mayo, Japanese Seaweed, Bonito flakes and a choice from their houseblend sauces.

Miso, Kani and Corn Tako had kani and corn with real crab meat, onion leeks, buttered corn kernels, miso sauce and choice of houseblend sauce.

Cheesey Bacon Tako had smoked bacon, Australian cheddar cheese, Italian mozzarella,, onions peppers and topped with lots of cheddar cheese, Japanese mayo and choice of houseblend sauce.

Nobashi Shrimp Tako had nobasi tiger shrimps, Japanese mayo topped with Bonito flakes, Japanese seaweed, etc.

Tako Dog had hotdog, Japanese mayo and choice of houseblend sauce.

These Takos is also served as Rice Toppings.

We also tried their Donburi Oyakodon and Katsudon. Hands down the Oyakodon is the best and you wish there’s more rice on it.

Jin-zai also served milk teas and fruit teas like the Classic White Hokkaido, Classic Wintermelon, Sakura White, Matcha Latte (my favorite), Hazelnut Latte, Passion Fruit Tea, Lemon and Kumquat Tea, Peaches and Orange, Kiwi Green Tea among others.

Jin-zai is located at the G/F Bld A SM City Taytay.


With an American-themed décor, Big Daddy’s is the place to be for those who love anything American foods.

If you’re into pasta then you should try their two popular pastas, the Seafood Penne and the Carbonara which is so creamy and tasty.

Seafood Penne Php 170

Carbonara Php140

If you could eat only one thing at Big Daddy’s the Nacho Bravo is for you. The nachos are crispy and had lots of our favorite toppings.

Nacho Bravo Php195

Must try is their Buffalo Wings with lots of flavors to choose from. Choose your flavour from original, mild or hot, sweet and spicy, parmesan cheese, smoked bbq and their new flavors – salted egg and orange teriyaki.

The Americans are known for their love of steaks and you shouldn’t leave Big Daddy’s without having their T-Bone Steak! It comes with mashed potato and other side dishes.

Of course, what is Big Daddy's without their burgers? We had our fill of their popular Double Cheeseburger.

Big Daddy’s is located G/F Bld A SM City Taytay

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